Large multi-national with business interests in everything from childrens toys to pharmecueticals.

Massive multi-national that controls interests in everything from cosmetics through to military grade weapons. Their primary focus has been genetics, and the single most famous incident was based around the creation of a food source for vampires. The food source was required to be approved by a majority vote in the senate. Famously, the vote hinged on a single swing vote by senator Frank Tipesco, which he voted against. The result was a lot of sympathy for Xenith and a large back lash against the senator, curtailing his presidential ambitions.

Xenith have since worked with the government to create artificial blood so that the sale of it would be easy to produce and cheap to buy, so that vampires would not be disadvantaged. In the ten years following the vote, Xenith has grown larger and their reclusive CEO (Nicholas Blewett) has started to be seen more publicly, showing a community focused side of his business.

Notable Persons:

CEONicholas Blewett
CFOAlistar Waugh
CIOCooper du Toit
GM – Carrie Nichol
Public Liason – James Hand


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