Vampire Chronicle 3

The year is 2292. The world is descending into darkness, and most remain blissfully ignorant of this fact. A select few have seen the rise of something terrible, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the very reason the world crashed back in the early 2000’s. These same few have seen the fall of one of the oldest beings the world has ever known.

It is they who see their world change. It changes quickly too. For those where the turning of the sun is but a blink of an eye, fifteen years has flown by.

Society is grim. The privatization of military, police and the like has been devastating on the local populations. Suddenly, the only protection on the streets was if you could afford to pay for it. The rich grew richer, and safer, and the poor grew poorer.

Corporations began to take over local governance and legislation began to change. Soon, the Corporations were leading countries with but a few well placed words and large amounts of money. Politics was all but lost amidst the corruption.

It was then, in 2291, that laws were changed. Supernaturals were denied the rights they had fought so hard for and were granted in 2262, only twenty nine years later. They became a virus. Legally a virus. And the cure was extermination. Anybody with ties to anything supernatural was hunted down, tortured for information and then killed, lest the risk of infection was passed on.

Vampires, denied easy access to food, were forced to fend for themselves and feed on humans. This led to widespread fear and loathing. Extremists were finding it easier to get their agendas across and a curfew was enforced. Factories were destroyed, homes ruined, businesses taken down or assimilated. Anything relating to the supply of blood was crushed under foot.

Mages, werewolves and fairies had a slightly easier time as they could hide in plain sight, go out during the day, eat food humans could. Even so, detection has become commonplace, and while it can be fooled now, it is getting more accurate and harder to bypass.

The Kingdom, set up years earlier as an extremist group of vampires, has seen a massive increase in popularity. They grew so big, and so fast that they were forced to leave the main centres and find a haven of their own. Sanctuary. A land surrounded by enemies on all sides, but carefully protected by sheer numbers and the threat vampires pose. Sanctuary is a mountain base, home to nearly 5,000 vampires at last estimate. Safe they may be there, trapped they are as well, unable to come and go easily.

The Corporations are so corrupt and so powerful now that the only thing that can endanger them, is themselves. Groups calling themselves runners have become commonplace as corporate espionage has become the norm. Runners come from all backgrounds, human, vampire, werewolf, mage and fairy. All have their uses and all get the same treatment. They are paid well and are publicly denounced. They life and die in the shadows, never for long.

A select group is more famous than most. Frank Tepesko, former political leader is under great pressure to join Sanctuary as one of the Council and help decide the fate of vampirekind. Ethan Harper has somehow managed to not only avoid the purge of supernaturals, but has flourished at Xenith and is instrumental in the success of the company with his eye for detail. Talia has forced her way into the public consciousness as reason vampires survive as they do. Her knowledge and care of those newly turned has ensured many are not making mistakes that has cost others their lives and sent them to final death. Kaleb Marcelos has turned his passion into something terrifying. The fighting scene is now completely underground. There is no second chance for somebody as all fights are to the death. Kaleb has reigned supreme in every bout he has fought. Of late, his bouts are less frequent, but he is starting to scout talent instead.

These beings are considered a high priority, but the last they were seen by the general public was in 2286. Since then, their movements are tracked as they can be, but they have evaded capture. Xenith is constantly under attack from corporate espionage, but nothing is ever traced back to them.

Where does their story pick up now?

Vampire Chronicle 3

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