The Kingdom

A vampire society and political entity that has based itself around an archaic caste system

Splinter group of vampires who have set up their own political state. At this stage, this state is not recognised officially by the government, but they are fighting to essentially be given their own sovereign state (which is being fought just as hard to stop it going through).

Current: No longer a simple splinter group. The Kingdom has moved away from the main centres and is based in a mountain city, created for their own needs. Food, weather and water are of no concern to the undead, so they have survived where humans would struggle.

Their new home is called Sanctuary, and it houses nearly 5,000 vampires. Most of these are very young, having been turned only in the last 20 years, but still, this is a sizable number of powerful beings in one place, and they have demanded their own sovereignty, and while they have yet to be granted this, they have been left well alone.

Notable People:

Prince – Ashton Van Merwe
Seneschal – Caroline Montague
Herald – Michelle Ericsson
Primogen – Sean Gunderson
Primogen – Tracy Upton
Primogen – Wes Hall
Primogen – Greg Foot
Sheriff – Chelsea Surtees
Hound – Connor Surtees
Master of Elysium – Corban Surtees

The Kingdom

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