New Order of Christ

The combined forces of all previous christian faiths, rolled into one mega religious body for the masses.

Religion has taken on more of a powerful role in society. Vicar Catherine has grown older, but wields power carefully and well. There are no obvious candidates to replace her, and the New Order of Christ would be in turmoil should she step down for any reason.

Under Vicar Catherine’s shrewd leadership, the NOoC is seen as a benevolent force in a largely chaotic and dangerous world. She is openly friends with all manner of supernaturals and humans. She petitions for all just causes equally and frequently allows for social change to happen when there would be none.

Because of this direction, the NOoC are seen as a power player in the political landscape, and this could lead to situations they are not comfortable with.

Notable Persons:

Current leader – Vicar Catherine Gerwin

New Order of Christ

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