Bonus Xp Season One

Hi all. In the spirit of getting ready for the campaign, I have come up with a few ways for you to earn bonus XP before the campaign starts. Please note that these are cumulative, but there is to be no spending of XP earnt this way until the campaign actually starts.

1. Write an individual campaign sypnosis. This can be done by as many people as are interested in writing it. In fact, the more people writing their version of it, the better as more points, and points of view will be covered. This is worth 5 bonus XP.

2. Write/fill in a character background. This is worth 1 bonus XP.

3. Write a character bio and upload a character portrait. This is worth 1 bonus XP.

4. Write a background for your character detailing what they did in the time between Chapter 1 finishing and Chapter 2 starting. This time period is 10 years. This is worth 2 bonus XP.

5. Favourite background as voted by the players. This is worth 1 bonus XP.

This means there is up to 10 bonus XP available per character before the campaign even starts. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing what people put up.

Bonus Xp Season One

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