Hawkes Bay Vampire

Vampo 2 (Luke)

Two things occurred to me when the bullet ripped a hole through the Vampires shoulder. A grunt of satisfaction escaped me, not to the fact that I had actually hit my target but to the effect of the hardware on his cold soulless body. That and I finally got his notice. Luckily his bitch keeper kept a rein on her pet so all I got for my trouble upon leaving was a bruised leg.

I was indignant almost to the point of being insulted.

Tactically withdrawing we cast our net wider a few nights later and we find a warm lead of an unreported incident. A factory. A factory with links to Xenith with a cast of scum bags including an obvious primadona Werewolf. Not much but better than Kalebs (hes getting weird that one)foray into owning a vehicle made famous by a movie star and my frustrating attempt to hack Franks bank account. Speaking of which his phone call changed everything. Mr Psycho wants to see him. In true Tespeco fashion he spins it masterfully to have it arranged in his coven. Only he’s trumped by the call we had an hour to get there.

Since the presentation didnt include me or the rat we took our leave in the back rooms. While summarizing the benefits of telepathy in my head the invite to join was made. I didn’t want to go. This aint gonna be good. Fuck

I walk in and the mood is inviting so I join the festivities. The others were stupefyingly around the table hands clasped to this amazing sword of power. Go on He says. Take hold of it like your friends. The term friends stops me for a second and ability to politely refuse becomes available. So I use it. A moment passes before he arrives at the door to my mind, blowing it open like a swat team. I move towards the sword as a spectator to my own body. As horrified, as I batter uselessly against his Will,as I am I sense the loathing hatred within. He must suffer.

I grasp the artifact. A pause then a flash. Then sickening nauseous, the room moving and warping.
Then disbelief as the world changes



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