Hawkes Bay Vampire

This is not what it looks like.

Frank caught with his prey's pants down

The Lead led us to The Car rental place. A somewhat helpful clerk told us the information on who rented the car, it was a breath of fresh air not having to make them tell me. So i was happy to sign a card he handed me , for some reason he was very happy to see me.

The Church rang our group and told us that one of the attackers was still alive and in intensive care. What lead to follow? We decided on the hospital in case the man croked it.

Arriving at the Hospital it was best that our computer expert stayed in the car and tried to hack the security cameras wile we went in as representatives of the church to see the poor man in intensive care.
We noticed a man looking like he did not belong and we thought it best to just try for the door and if we got stopped we would than question them to see what they were doing.
Turns out he was guarding the door and he was from another corporation. I was feeling quite good this day so i told him he needed to go on a break and he did so thinking it was his idea… bonus.
Inside we interrogate the poor man all drugged up and we find out he is a grunt with little information but he did conform the name of the man we wanted, Off to the address we got from the Car Rental.

We arrived at the address and started to stroll towards the house and i feel a sharp pain and a massive hand hit me all at once i was shot from the house and Kaleb yanked me out of the way.
we charged the house and broke in forcefully. Over the next few seconds one of the weirdest fights i have taken part in evolved and one point i was all alone at the top of the staircase a"bad guy" frozen in frount of me, me kneeling in frount of him with his pants down around his ankles and at that point Talia comes up the stairs “O…..K” i get as a response from her… not my finest hour.
For the first time in a long time we had people to question.

we had the main chap tied up and we were questioning him how to get into a basement we had found in the kitchen when suddenly he was not tied up and starting to grow…. my what big teeth you have and what big claws you have i was thinking to myself as my mind control did not work as i fled the room.
Again Kaleb and Talia to the rescue i steadied myself and went back into the fray and managed to successfully halt the beast only to watch his neck snap…. well he should have just stayed down and we would have let him go or get a chance to come join Xynith.

In the basement there are two lab guys and one unconscious girl strapped down mumbling a few words “Phoenix, Tab, Project” we bundle anyone who has not expired into the hummer and their equipment and off to Xynith.

Lets hope they are happy to see us and the information.



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