Hawkes Bay Vampire

The Continuing Saga of Kaleb and his Minions

OK so i been told to write a new log each time rather than add on to me existing one cause no one can tell when I have added on. Ain’t that a laugh I have no idea when when is. One minute we are in a bloody factory in 1947 next thing we are fighting to find some shelter before the bastard sun comes up in some Vietnamese jungle during the Vietnam war. WTF I mean WTF!!!!! Anyhow we find that we have taken shelter with someone else from our future, I mean past, I mean future past? WHATTTTTTT THHHHHHEEEEE FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!! Anyhow turns out that he is the Princes Brother and he is Xenith Corp. Seemed an ok guy but then fuck me if we didnt just up and fuck of to another battle. Romans vs some black dudes. Anyway we go for a walk to find the Roman boss dude thinking that if there is a Vampire around to talk to he would be with them. We were right and he too was from our past future past place (this is doing my fucking head in). He was not such a nice guy and tried to kill us but again everything went white and we are now somewhere else again… This all probably makes sense to that nutter flat mate of mine but if anyone tries to explain it to me again I am going to wig the fuck out and blame it on a frenzy….



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