Hawkes Bay Vampire

The Adventure of Kaleb and his Minions (Kaleb)

Well I am working for thr FBI again <<audible>> I guess they just can’t do things without me. Long story short… Got called into a meeting at FBI headquarters. They need me and my minions to investigate the supernatural killings by the “Hunters”. Frank (never vote) Tipesco had the idea to go and see if the Kingdom dudes had any leads. Also picked up 2 new minions a Nosferato I cant remember what his name is. He is some sort of boffin inventing ammo and shit. The other is some sort of investigator… both could prove useful I spose.

Anyway went to visit the Prince shit happened with Frank under some sort of mesmerize type spell. He wanted to go join the Kingdom which is diametrically opposed to his views. I had to hold him back and man did he wig out… But all true leaders need to protect their minions… even from themselves.

Then that new Nosferato dude draws his gun and shoots an unarmed guy. WTF??? Yeah he was angry but shit lethal force on an unarmed guy FFS!!! Will need to keep an eye on him he might be mentally deranged.

We managed to walk out I apologised for his actions on the way out. After that I went and ordered my new Hummer should have it in a few nights. Helped me calm down a bit.

Tried to find some shit out on the streets. Not much good until Frank found some info on a warehouse. We went and had a look. Zenith Corp own the cannery that operates there. We got a phone call to meet the prince at Franks home so went there. Turns out the Prince is the ancient Vampire we set free at Zenith Corp a decade ago. As a reward we got to touch this really nice shiney sword…mmm shiney… The poof we are in some sort of medievil battle… Again WTF? Anyway managed to find some shelter and a little village. Must sleep now…

OK so found the Prince back in ye olden times. Just as he was going to answer a question bang into the 40’s like quantum leap shit. Got frustrated with Frank cause he refused to use his hyponsis thing to get a cabby to give us a free ride. Went to get some money from some hopefully dead guys near some shootings. Took most of my will power not to rip some prick apart that levelled a gun at me. oh and hey Xenith exists back here now too…hmmm mystery adventure… to be continued…

Well what a cunt of a night in 1947… we broke into Xenith I got bitched at for unlocking a door that Frenchy said was locked but I didn’t steal anything from in there unlike some other French Canadian unnamed vampire. Nec minute these bloody construct things attacked us and of course Frenchy did what all French do when they are confronted and have time to do something rather than surrender he ran away and came back after it was all over. The rest cowered behind me and let me take all the damage while they pissed about trying to hypnotise the constructs. Anyway they didnt want anyone to no we were here so I think we should torch this place when we leave. Anyway we will have to see what happens, I really need some food now so will update further later…



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