Hawkes Bay Vampire

Paladin Field Report 12477-A (Ethan)


While investigating the outside of the cannery we were attacked by a werewolf. The vicious beast tore into Talia and Kaleb before they were eventually able to subdue it. It didn’t react to demands for it to stop (though luckily that worked on Kaleb when he got a little carried away and I had to ensure he wasn’t a threat to the party or himself).

We found a secret entrance that lead to a room below the cannery. There were several traps and a locked door we had to avoid, but luckily no more werewolves. In fact there were no other occupants present, though we did find multiple cots, and a coffin, that suggested multiple people had stayed there at the same time.

The coffin itself was interesting as a magic spell had made it invisible, and I was only able to detect it with my aura perception. Certainly a smart way for a vampire to hide.

The room had computers with several screens connected to surveillance camers situated all through the cannery. Clearly someone had the cannery under observation, though we have no idea what for. #REDACTED# downloaded the camera footage so that he can sift through it to see if there is anything unusual on there.

Well, that’s my report, hope you’ll believe this one, cause it’s true… just like all the others.

Not that I care, I’ve had a better offer and I’ve seen enough of werewolves to know I don’t want to work for them. My resignation will be filed tomorrow.



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