Hawkes Bay Vampire

Paladin and the Vicar

After a phone call from what is now Paladin a meeting was set up. We all gathered for our new assignment with the addition of a new face, his name was Peter and it would appear he is our new babysitter, which should be interesting since he is a human. A meeting with the Vicar was arranged and we were all welcomed with open arms, turns out she is having a few issues with extremist and how popular the church has become. We hadn’t been there long before trouble started, the vicar’s place came under attack. She said we should leave but since trouble follows us around we decided to stay.

A group of extremist were raiding the place looking for the vicar, and after some gun fire followed by some screaming a couple of explosions, broken windows and the extremist rather taking their own lives rather than be taken alive the situation was under control, right time for a snack since i was feeling a bit peckish. The cops were on their way and the vicar suggested that we all leave before they turn up. She said she had our backs and that she had everything covered so off we went back to our haven. Some of us went out to feed while the others started looking into who the extremist could be.



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