Hawkes Bay Vampire

Meals on wheels

OK so Paladin (previously the FBI) calls us in for a meeting. Turns out we have a new dude join us to replace Ethan since he has moved up the chain. We get sent to a meeting with the Vicar who is having a few issues with extremists and how popular the church has become. Now I like this lady and am happy to help her however I can. So when some assassins turn up to remove her it is only logical that I defend her. The others did their best I guess to help out as well.
We removed the threat and spent a wee while healing, They deserved to die for what they were trying to do so I had no regrets draining one to heal myself. If I hadn’t I could well have gone into a frenzy and we all know how well that goes for everyone. Anyway the guys have a lead to track down who sent these walking meals so time to exact some justice.



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