Hawkes Bay Vampire

I will accept your eternal gratitude (Frank)

The sword

Well after snapping out of the trance i was in made by the very nice lady of the Kingdom the Group and i decided it was time to take out leave witch we did with great haste.

We meet back at my place for refreshments and to have a chat about what happened and what we were to do next. It was decided to forget about getting the Kingdoms help do look for the vampire Hunters the good old fashioned way ( in our case very poorly ).
after what seamed a very very long night we got one lead at a factory on the east side of town, the bullet smith, the hulking bag of mussel and myself went the presiding night to investigate.
I took the direct approach and Brian the Vampire went the now you see me now you don’t approach.
after a small talk with the receptionist i am convinced this is the place we are looking for, 1. its called “Cells” and 2. ITS PART OF XYNITH.

As i was concluding my business with the obvious Vampire Hunter Building i received a call from the Vampire Kingdom representative saying that the Prince would like to revive me and my fellow partners from ten years ago for him to thank me in person so i took no time at all to tell her that he can come and see me any time he wishes ( no small amount of smugness on my behalf ) and was followed with a " he will be there in one hour"……“Huh”.

I arrive at home and see that my home is open to all it seams as more of the party had let themselves in.
after a few hellos and catching up there was a knock at the door it was the Prince.
after the pleasantry’s and greetings i was ready for him so say "thanks Frank Your a great Chap and i give to you my eternal Gratitude. For what i was not to sure at the time but was willing to accept it anyway.
Turns out that he was the 4000 year old Vampire we set free ten years ago, he wanted to thank us for freeing him, so he placed a rather huge sword on the ground that ruined my lovely wooden floor and he said you may touch this as your reward, I did and was followed by a flash of white. then things got real or as it turned out not to real i will elaborate with my next chapter.



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