Hawkes Bay Vampire

Holy hand grenades

Paladin… Xenith… Not really sure who I’m working for anymore, but I got assigned to babysit some vampires who needed some extra muscle. Now that I’ve met them I’m not sure more muscle is what they need, but they could certainly use someone keeping an eye out for them. Their reaction to danger seems to either be run straight in, or keep their heads down while someone else runs straight in.

Got my first bit of action almost straight away as someone sent some grunts to take down the Vicar they were visiting. They were heavily armed and standard military procedures that indicated some sort of training. All the training in the world wouldn’t have done them much good against the feral teeth machines this group unleashed though.

I noticed one of the vampires was able to influence the enemy targets mentally as well, which helped keep the situation manageable as I laid down covering fire did my best to protect the Vicar.

Thankfully we all came through it okay, though a couple of the vampires looked a little worse for wear and had to go off on their own to recover. I’m going to try not to think about what that involved.

In the meantime we’ve started investigating these grunts to see if we can work out who sent them, and how to stop it from happening again.



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