Hawkes Bay Vampire

Frank tries to explain a paradox (Frank)

4000 years old and we were there?

After touching the sword of the prince everything went white and we appeared in a battlefield in witch two factions were hellbent on killing each other at night, the only good part of that is that it was night.
I knew the safest place to be was behind the wall of mussel so there i stayed until the fighting had stopped.
Dead body’s everywhere, open field, no shelter, no seance of time things were looking just great thanks prince! remind me to thank you for this fantastic gift you have given me.

We decided to follow in the footpath of one of the survivors of the battle, it took three hours but we saw in the distance a small village of humanoids, we kept out distance trying to find out if they could be friend or foe.
I found a small hole under a tree to spend the day in case we decided to stay away from the village, turns out we had one of the most uncomfortable days ever under that tree.
The next night we scouted the village again and decided to enter just then one of the more keen of eye members of our little party spotted five or six people walking toward us, the FBI agent said they are all humans apart from one Vampire, this was good news to me so i decided to walk up to the Vampire and show him or her that i to was a Vampire, what could go wrong with that?

It was the prince this was good news, bad news he could not speak English, thankfully our new French connection could translate for us.
After a small bit of hospitality we got down to Q and A time he knew us by name and said he had not seen us in 1500 years and we were there at his creation and had no idea about our place we had come from, this could only be explained in my head as a time paradox.
i do not know how good our translator is or the intelligence of the prince at this time is but i said what i think is going on with us and was met with blank looks from the prince and the rest of the party (sigh) we asked him one more question but he could not answer because we quantum leaped out of that time to a 1940s to 1950s New York.

Great, new place no money, shelter, or idea whats going on, thankfully we had people that could understand us and a building to jump into if day was upon us.
First thing was find a phone book and look up the prince, not in the book, dam it! but the wall of mussel had the bright idea to look up Xynith (must remember to find out why he thought of Xynith does he have links to that place i do not know about, does he work for them?)
they are around in the 1940s before the world had its tragedy (interesting)

So off to Xynith to see what we can learn.



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