Hawkes Bay Vampire

Frank change's his mind

Xynith is the best

We pick ourselves up of the ground after the grenade explosion, there to greet us was a sergeant or corporal or something telling us to please follow him.

he took us to a room where we were finally introduced to the CEO of Xynith ( frank builds up rage )
he explanes that he never turned us it was his brother Seith he never attacked us it was his brother Seith and that he is trying to get to world where Vampires and humans can co-exist together.

Well i take it all back Xynith is the best Company ever the C.E.O is “The Man” and would be happy to call myself his “Bitch”
If there was anything he wanted or to ask of me i would do it happily.
His two brothers on the other hand can go sit and spin.

After talking with Mr Xynith i was happy to track down Seith’s Minions and bring them to Justice as was the wishes of Mr Xynith " The Man " and not because of his Brother Mr Douche Bag Prince’s orders.

To celebrate we went to a bar and some of us over indulged but all had a good time.

The next night we were on the hunt at the Can factory as “inspectors” but nothing has come of our investigations as of yet.



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