Hawkes Bay Vampire

First day working for Paladin (Ethan)

Well at least it seems Xenith does like us, despite what Tepesko keeps saying. They sent some of their guards, to take care of the turncoat guards that were attacking us… though they were mostly just providing a mobile buffet table for Kaleb.

They were able to sort out Jimmy too, luckily. Not sure how they felt about Tepesko’s… intervention. Turns out he’s a ghoul, after all, so we didn’t need to worry so much.

We finally got the chance to have a proper sit down with Nicholas and gets some answers finally. For a start, it turns out his name isn’t Mr. Xenith. It looks like what is happening is some sort of cold war between vampire factions, that is rapidly warming each day. Nicholas considers himself a Promethean, and thus believes in vampires cohabiting with humans in peace. This definitely seems the faction I agree with the most so I see no problem in helping Xenith, while also trying to complete Paladin’s task.

Nicholas then threw me a bit of a curve-ball, by offering me a job, and letting me figure out what I want the job to be. Complete freedom is attractive… but do I want to sell out and go corporate, when I really want to uphold the law. With the FBI replaced by Paladin though, I don’t know which job I’m even talking about now. I also really need to find out how to spell Xenith if I’m going to work for them.

We decided to pursue the Xenith cannery angle, as we knew Seth’s minions had a base underneath it. We posed as inspectors and had a thorough search of the building, as well as it’s computers, and couldn’t find anything linking the cannery to Seth. We then took our search outside…



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