Hawkes Bay Vampire

Fire Hurts MMmm Kay

Frank finds courage at the end

It has to be said that Frank was never one for combat but somehow combat always found Frank.
Upon finding the four items needed for the summoning of the Phoenix and going home to our group haven for a rest we quickly found out that our homes were being serched so glad they did not know about our group haven.

We decided to go to Xynith and quickly move thing into motion hoping they might know where the rest of the ingredients are.

Getting to Xynith we found devastation people guards teckos dead.
With the help of Jimmy Hand we got into the building and went to Nicholas Blewett office only to find him with a gaping hole in his chest where his heart should be.

The Four Horsemen were on a rampage.
I give Ethan Harper a call and tell him what is going on…… he sounded displeased.

After an hour of trying to fuger out what to do next I ring Ethan again and tell him that we have the four items needed for the summon – this comes to some surprise to Ethan and he tells us that he has the other four….. No time to waste off to a secret location to decide what to do.

It was a not a hard choice for Frank he trusted Talia Dunnage and her parents were working on the Phoenix so it was decided to summon the Phoenix.

Thats when things went crazy – blackniss – slowed – thrown – Hummer – hurt – hubcap – fire – Aston – scary – Four Horseman – scary – Hummer moved – more FIRELOTS OF HURT – Black – ……………….. What would you have me do my liege?………..



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