Hawkes Bay Vampire

Fift Fift Fift Bad Vampire

So after picking ourselves up and working out that the noise was our back up or maybe it was a rescue, Im going with back up im sure we could have taken those guys. We meet with our back up who took us to a room were we got to meet Xynith owner Nicholas. Turned out it was’nt him after us it was his brother, after the talks had ended i get handed a folder, after all these years of thinking my mother was killed in a car accident, she was, but it was no accident so when i get time i shall investicate that further, and they will pay. In the mean time its off to get hammered, which didnt take long for me, must be a light wieght.

So after the hangover passes we make plans to visit the can factory as inspectors, after finding nothing inside we head outside to have a look around, here’s hoping we find spmething…



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