Hawkes Bay Vampire

FBI Field Report 12476-B (Ethan)

There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

I appear to be under the effect of some form of psychotropic substance, or possible suffering some powerful mass hallucination with my colleagues. Either way I’m sure some powerful entity has done this to us. Possibly to keep us from finding the truth, or maybe to make us question what is real, and what is a game played by nerds around a table.
I came to my senses sleeping in a dirt hole with 4 men and one not-man. Judging by the stars above I estimated we were no longer where we used to be, nor when we should be. I couldn’t estimate the exact date but by the people we shortly encountered I judged it to be many years ago, in a field far, far away.
These people were inhabiting a small village. After some cursory attempts to greet them were unsuccessful, we were surprised at how friendly they became after they got over their initial fear. This was probably due to their leader being a vampire. He claimed, and appeared to be, the Prince we were just meeting with in the present. But if that were the case it would mean he predates all other known supernaturals, the great apocalypse, and much more besides.
The leader futurely known as “Prince” seemed to recognise us, but not from anything we remember doing. He said we had been there with him at his creation in Eqypt centuries earlier. Since none of us remembered doing this, the others believed it must be something we are yet to do. This is already crazy enough so why not think we are going to go further back in time.
Just as we were getting going with our questioning (and I had 32 vital questions noted down and ready to ask him), we were suddenly transported again without warning. We found ourselves in 1940s New York.
The time travel seemed to be starting to have an effect on the group. Kaleb in particular started acting inconsistently as he walked into a gunfight, had a pleasant conversation, robbed the guy, and came back to hire a taxi to take us to Xenith. And what happened to his sword? In fact it was his idea to look up Xenith in this time period (surprisingly they do already exist). I’m beginning to wonder if this really is our old friend Kaleb, or some sort of imposter. After what I’ve already seen supernatural creatures do, I’m sure anything is possible and why does this “Not-Kaleb” want to take us to Xenith?
At the least it should be possible to get some answers at Xenith. I suggested we use the fire escape to enter via the top floor and see what we can find. Unfortunately after climbing the fire escape I suddenly realised it was on the front of the building, which is not a very smart place to try and break into a building from.



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