Vampire Chronicle 1

The year is 2270. The world is a place of great extremes in terms of populations, races and now even, species. Humans have evolved, devolved and simply changed and now vampires, werewolves, fairies and all sorts of other supernatural creatures are slowly forcing their way into the mainstream society, just trying to get by the same way a human would.

About 30 years ago, the first supernatural made herself known. She was the first, but it appeared that for a time, she was the only one. A werewolf, she hit her teen years and a frightening transformation took place on live television. This was back in 2226. It was written off as a tv stunt. Almost exactly fourteen years later, Ingrid Bloom went on a talk show and started off a phenomenon by shifting shape live on air. The episode went viral and suddenly, she was a household name.

It is not known how she avoided being taken for study, or captured, or anything else horrific. Instead, she started a clinic, in the hopes that there were others out there like her. It took several years, but slowly the werewolves started showing up. More teens were transforming with no previous clue as to their origins.

Fairies, mages and vampires were next. It was as if something in the fabric of the world changed and old things were brought back to life. Ordinary people trying to get through life had a curveball thrown in the way.

Ingrid is still alive, and although she is getting older, and finally starting to show some signs of aging, she is still extremely active in the werewolf community. She has pushed for supernatural legislation and civil rights. With some powerful bodies behind her, she has been largely successful, and in 2262, all supernaturals were given the same rights as any other human being.

During this time, religion took on a more central role in the lives of the average citizen. The major churches could see a phenomenal threat to their very existence and banded together. No longer was there catholics, Anglicans etc. In 2247, the Western world embraced The New Order of Christ. One church and doctrine for all.

The New Order of Christ is extremely vocal in opposing supernaturals in every way. They held up legislation for over a decade. Hate crimes and the like were laid at their doors and no real evidence has ever been found to link the church, but they do make for a large and easy target.

The world has not evolved far. Technology is starting to come back. Computers, internet, transport, infrastructure, weapons… all these things have taken nearly two centuries to reach the level the world was at back in the early 2000’s. Most of the world remains fairly ignorant to what happened, and even exactly when it happened, but everybody knows the world practically stopped in the late 2000’s, maybe around 2050 or so. It could have been global warming, nuclear war, or a massive volcanic eruption, but civilization was practically wiped out. Billions of lives were lost, both human and wildlife. Decades were spent rebuilding. Entire countries were wiped out and new countries and landmasses were formed. Knowledge that was once everyday knowledge became precious and rare.

Rebuilding the cities and infrastructure was a massive task. People had to re-learn how to build, how to live, how to survive. Food, clean water, resources such as metals and simply safe places to live were fought and died for.

Now, over two centuries later, we pick up. There is a climate of hope and fear, freedom and oppression, no matter where you go, somebody has an agenda, a story to tell. This is YOURS…

Vampire Chronicle 1

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