Season One and Two wrap up

Season One:

A group of five wildly different individuals are summoned to a evening meeting by a gorgeous woman, Tess Barclay with a church representative. Reverend Mercer called a politician (Frank Tepesko), an MMA fighter (Kaleb “Wild Thing” Marcelos), a teacher (Talia Dunnage), a documentary maker and an FBI agent (Ethan Harper) to meet with him, pleading a pressing and shared interest.

Met at the door by The Smiling Man, the group began their fascination with the Reverends butler, believing, as many do, that the butler did it…without ever really knowing what he did.

A short meeting followed a drowsy sensation. All of the group fell asleep, apparently drugged somehow, only to wake in a very dark place, and feeling very claustrophobic. Some violence and freaking out later, it turned out that all five of them had been buried, alive it seemed, in simple wooden coffins in what appeared to be a basement.

Finding light and a way up, the group realised that they were actually in a church. The politician found himself a hand gun, while others either carried their own weapons, or were their own weapons, however poor those may be.

This became important quickly as the church came under attack from pale, shambling people, desperate to get to the five. Not really knowing what was going on, they simply relied on flight or fight, most choosing fight as there was nowhere to flee to.

The pale people turned out to be zombies, something the group had a significant amount of trouble coming to grips with. The MMA fighter fought and lost an urge to tear into a body and drain it of blood. Two things occurred at this point. The horror of the action shocked the others and the blood of the corpse apparently disagreed with the fighter.

With little other immediate options, the politician called his secretary and made plans, while the documentary maker sent her crew back to the church to film the process once the group had fled. Her horror at the sounds of terrible screams of the death of her crew over the phone (as they ran into the same zombies the group had) scarred her more than she let on.

The teacher led the group to Brock Venture, a well known philanthropist focused on helping the newly changed, no matter what supernatural group they belonged to. It was her that explained the process the group had apparently gone through.

It was the FBI Agent that provided the direction required. His report led to him being introduced to the small branch led by Special Agent Hank Maddison, tasked with investigating the supernatural. The agent was transferred to the new team and the rest of the group were hired as consultants. The group was introduced to Armand Jeancleu as another consultant that could potentially assist them.

Several cases were dealt with, but the one that stood out was a house, that for reasons unknown, was described as simply strange. With the help of the resident mage, Gordon Henderson, the group were able to get into the house, only to find that once past some sort of mystical barrier, the house was clad in skin. Some misadventures later (one involving having to kill a behemoth The Smiling Man in a strange, space adjusted basement), the group found themselves on large stone tables, tubes connecting all of them.

Some frantic escape attempts later, help arrived in the form of Tess Barclay and Reverend Mercer, both of whom were spirits. Once the group escaped the house, they found the bodies of both on the floor next to them when they woke up.

One clue kept popping up however. Xenith.

Before the group could investigate this fully, they met with Vicar Catherine Gerwin of the New Order of Christ. It was her church and office that the group woke up in.She was the nominal head of the order and while she didn’t have much to add, something about her appealed to the politician, marking the start of a difficult journey.

Xenith led the group to James (Jimmy) Hand. He was the public face of the company and was as helpful and charming as he could be. They had a bill in motion going through government that would allow them to mass produce cloned bodies that produced blood for the vampire society that the politician was very familiar with He skilfully pointed the group in the direction of The Kingdom instead.

The politician charmed his way through the front door using his fledgling vampiric powers (the group having started to come to grip with their own transformations and subsequent development of powers) and were introduced to Caroline Montague, the seneshal of the group.

Caroline Montague was extremely displeased with the politicians overt use of what she called disciplines on his own kind and proceeded to sway him with a masterful use of her own powers.

The meeting with was a disaster. The casual indifference to humanity, or even the groups own rights and desires firmly pushed them away from The Kingdom, but it was not until Caroline Montague forcibly made the politician want to join that the group decided to leave…violently as it turned out, facing down the powerful siblings, Chelsea Surtees, Connor Surtees and Corban Surtees.

More leads kept turning up and they kept pointing towards Xenith. FInally, a punitive raid on one of the company’s s buildings appeared to be the next logical step. A whole world of wonders were to startle the group. Scientific knowledge was being gathered and abused in equal measure in the lower floors.

Part of the group were able to successfully ferret out information linking Xenith to the groups apparent transformation and the reason for this (leaders of various parts of society turned to help push the company’s agenda in getting the cloned feeding apparatus past the government). The other part of the group found a clear glass chamber housing a single desiccated corpse.

This was guarded by a single man. The one man was obviously extremely well trained and skilled, and showed the ability to use powers similar to the groups, leading them to gauge that he was a vampire as well.

It took the whole group to stop him, and during the fight, the glass chamber was damaged. The corpse turned to smoke and escaped, stopping only long enough to thank the group before moving at speeds the group could barely comprehend, leaving a trail of absolute bloody devastation behind him, clearly feeding as he left the building.

Once outside, the trail gradually reduced as the being had either drunk his fill or simply fled. Even the presence of the massed FBI could do little to slow him down and escaped with a number of fatalities of their own.

Based on this, and the vestiges of his remaining humanity, the politician chose to vote “no” on the bill allowing Xenith to create the cloned feeding apparatus. This was a financial and political blow to the maga-corporation that would take them a significant amount of time to recover from.

It would also create a very public face of a vampire that clearly cared less for his fellow vampires than the humans around him as he cast the deciding vote in the ballot. The politician was an extremely unpopular person for a large number of years.

Season Two:

The group has been gathered again, ten long years in the future. They have spent a myriad of different ways entertaining themselves. Although, only the politician Frank Tepesko, the teacher Talia Dunnage, the agent Ethan Harper, the researcher Armand Jeancleu and the MMA fighter Kaleb “Wild Thing” Marcelos would return. The film maker was nowhere to be found.

Nicholas Blewett, CEO of Xenith invited the group to his offices via an invitation from his right hand man, James (Jimmy) Hand, with some developments that have been brewing over the last decade.

A new person is sitting in the room, waiting for them as well. Only the Agent has any idea that this is the inventor of the bullets designed to take down supernaturals. The bullets that either carry a charge of silver or sunlight inside them…

Corporations have taken over the world. Security is in the hands of massive multi-nationals, including the likes of the former FBI. Xenith have come back from the failure of ten years ago to become one the most dominant of the multi-nationals.

Nicholas Blewett has a job for the former group of stars. He felt that their previous history would allow them to get closer to his brother. His brother, Ashton Van Merwe, who the group let escape from the glass coffin ten long years ago. The same brother who now runs the The Kingdom.

The message is simple. Find the brother, make an apology, make an alliance, do whatever needs to be done to bring the feud to an end. Something more important has come up. The CEO leaves the room, confident that his point has been made (especially since his company literally owns the former FBI, and as such, are Agents current employers.

After a few moments to make their acquaintances, noises of gunfire can be heard outside the door. James (Jimmy) Hand cautioned the group to remain where they were an moved to check. Opening the door, bursts of gunfire could be heard clearly, as could the gasp of pain from the liaison as James (Jimmy) Hand fell to the ground, blood pooling from a wound in his stomach.

He gets pulled back away from the door and the MMA fighter charges out, intent on destruction. He is quickly disabused of that idea as he is literally riddled with bullets and falls to the ground, outside the room, his unlife hanging by a tread. The bulletsmith utilises his dark powers and disappeared from sight, moving stealthily from sight, making his way towards the elevator outside.

The politician grabs the liaison and, realising that he is dying, forces the vampires kiss on him, saving his life and dooming him all in one swift moment.

With the only easy access blocked by enemy soldiers, and the other exit locked and so far, resisting the groups attempts access it, the group is forced to wait for help to arrive. What feels like an age is in reality, only a minute or so passed while Xenith mobilized their own soldiers.

Minutes passed and finally the gunfire slowed, stopped and finally the door was opened, showing home soldiers ready to escort the group out.

Waiting for them, once the group made it back to their own residence, was a message from Michelle Ericsson. Apparently, The Kingdom, and Ashton Van Merwe in particular, had a similar idea as Nicholas Blewett.

This led to a short, sharp conversation with the Politician, resulting in the Prince agreeing to meet the group at a place of their choosing. In this case, in an hours time, at their home. Much to the politicians surprise.

It was a short meeting, resulting in the Prince earning himself the enmity of the group through an attitude they didn’t enjoy. Of course, being thrown through time when they were forced to touch the Princes’ sword would not have helped matters.

Time flickered repeated and the group met several people from their past, whether they knew them or not. They observed the brothers being turned into vampires, realising that there there were actually six of them, and that three of them escaped the turning.

They also spent some time in war torn climates, meeting the Prince before he was such, spending time in a blasted land that looked to be the result of a nuclear war, only to find that this was Gehenna that so many had foretold. And it was also caused by those same vampires attempting to stop it. They created the fabled Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but realised their error when those same creations carried on with the destruction the Gehenna started.

The trip returned the group to the present with more information, but also questions.

Their clues led them to a cannery factory and an encounter with a rabid werewolf. with little else to hold them there, a chance led them to a covered bunker, crammed with deadly traps, specifically aimed at killing vampires it seemed.

Some clever detective work found some information on the third brother, who had tried to kill the group on several occasions, if only to cause strife for the remaining brothers. The group also found information about a vampire power called vicissitude, which allows the wielder to craft flesh as easily as clay. And as it turns out, the brother has made himself look like the Prince…

The trail continues to a storm drain. And deep into the bowels of the city the group are led, not without mishaps however. The tunnels led to a dark hole were bursts of fire could be seen and heard below.

Plans were made and discarded before all out attack was settled on. Straight down into combat was the call, but confusion reigned as the men with guns were focused on something crawling out of the darkness instead. As it turned out, these men were actually Xenith soldiers, which a few unfortunate deaths were required before finding this fact out.

Horrible creatures crawled forth, only to die under a hail of gun fire. Misshapen, grotesque bodies lay on the ground, trying vainly to kill anything they came across. The source of these horrors was an enormous, bloated woman, spewing the creatures out of her carved open belly.

Once the focus was able to be switched to her, the other creatures stopped spawning with her final gasping death.

All that was left was to explore the area, but the soldiers were struggling to comprehend what had happened. The group found more remains. This time just one person…or vampire…

Akhem Silsi was the other brother and it was his body the group found. It looked to be the brother who had fleshcrafted himself to look like Ashton Van Merwe. Some video footage showed what happened in fairly gruesome detail as the ancient vampire was torn apart in a variety of ways by his own creations, the Horsemen.

Season One and Two wrap up

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