FBI Supernatural Division

A relatively new division at the FBI, it has really only been around for a little over ten years. The team originally consisted of Special Agents Logan Grimm and Ethan Harper. While Grimm has moved onto a new role outside the FBI, he is still available as an consultant, and the team has grown in size, experience and scope.

Special Agent Hank Maddison is still recruiting both agents and consultants for this team and in time it may come to have a wing to itself. Maddison recognized before many others that supernaturals were increasing as a group, and at some stage, probably sooner rather than later, supernaturals would no longer be a minority, but the power, and he is determined to leave behind a force capable of policing and dealing with them in a fair manner for both them and humans.

This department has been taken over, like the whole of the FBI, by Paladin Technologies, as the corporate sector has replaced the government controlled agencies of old. Unlike a number of the other departments, the Supernatural Division has had increased funding and a growth in prestige. While a small team, there is a large disposable fund if required for hiring specialised consultants.

Notable Persons:

Division Management – Special Agent Ethan Harper (Vampire)
Team Leader – Special Agent Lawrence Rowe (Mage)
Forensics –
Agent – Agent Mira Anderson
Agent – Peter “Rock” Graves
Agent – Agent Matthew Mundine (Werewolf)
Consultant – Detective Logan Grimm (Human)
Consultant – Frank Tepesco (Vampire)
Consultant – Talia (Vampire)
Consultant – Armand Jeanclau (Vampire)
Consultant – Brian (Vampire)
Consultant – Kaleb Marcelos (Vampire)
Consultant – Helen Watson (Mage)
Consultant – Gordon Henderson (Mage)

Retired Persons:

Special Agent Hank Maddison
Agent Johan Vaughan (Human)

FBI Supernatural Division

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