Cage Fighting Championship (CFC)

Cage fighting now has rules. Governed by a shadowy underground figure, cage fighting has gone both global and extremely violent. Standard fights are between the same species (vampire vs vampire, human vs human etc) and there are no weight classes. Powers are limited to the cage. If there is to be a cross-species bout, the rules change. First, the challenger must be the current Champion. Once started, the challenger must compete against ALL other Champions.

There is also an opportunity to collect all the belts. This has never been done. And it is always to the death. The renown and payment is said to be incredible. The challenge has been attempted several times, but each has fallen short early in the challenge.

Notable People:

Joint Champion – Currently empty
Vampire Champion – Kaleb “Wild Thing” Marcelos
Werewolf Champion – Romulus
Mage Champion – Eric Underwood
Hunter/Human Champion – Hank ‘the wrecking ball’ Becker

Cage Fighting Championship (CFC)

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