Hawkes Bay Vampire

The Adventure Log of Kaleb and his minions :) (Kaleb)
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Dear Diary today I am going to a meeting at an address. I am not sure what it is about but hopefully it is about finally getting a title shot.

Day 1: Woke Up Dead That kinda sux. Had breakfast consisting of zombies. That really sucked. Proceeded to vomit. I am guessing Zombies are past their best before date. Found some minions…Some senator, some FBI dude that cant shoot, a couple of ladies and some other dude.

Day 2: Gunna find that smiley faced retard and rip him a new one. Its all his fault. My minions are wanting to kick his arse too. Not sure how much help they will be.

Day… ah fuck it I lost track of the days so here goes a brief rundown of what happened. My minions will add some that I hope to fill in the blanks and unimportant bits that happened to them.

We went searching for smiley faced dude to rip him a new one. We made some friends with some other vampires and got a brief rundown on the shit that is going down and how to survive as a vampire along with a very little bit of information on what you can and cant do as a vampire. (Who knew that killed a little rabid puppy and throwing him at his equally rabid pack mate on Prime Time TV could land you in jail)

Someone beat us to Smiley faced dude hes dead. Never found out who changed us or why. FBI asked us to investigate Zenith Corporation and find out about the clones and feeding machines. We did an awesome job letting a powerful enitity out of his cage and had to fight our way out. I don’t think I will get that spokesmans job anymore.

The senate vote to make Zeniths feeding machines legal failed thanks to our idiot senator voting against it. Sux to be our FBI friend (yeah they are no longer minions they are kinda friends now) who spent shitloads buying a prototype before congress made them illegal.

Anyway thats my initial report. Kaleb


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