Hawkes Bay Vampire



Fire Hurts MMmm Kay
Frank finds courage at the end

It has to be said that Frank was never one for combat but somehow combat always found Frank.
Upon finding the four items needed for the summoning of the Phoenix and going home to our group haven for a rest we quickly found out that our homes were being serched so glad they did not know about our group haven.

We decided to go to Xynith and quickly move thing into motion hoping they might know where the rest of the ingredients are.

Getting to Xynith we found devastation people guards teckos dead.
With the help of Jimmy Hand we got into the building and went to Nicholas Blewett office only to find him with a gaping hole in his chest where his heart should be.

The Four Horsemen were on a rampage.
I give Ethan Harper a call and tell him what is going on…… he sounded displeased.

After an hour of trying to fuger out what to do next I ring Ethan again and tell him that we have the four items needed for the summon – this comes to some surprise to Ethan and he tells us that he has the other four….. No time to waste off to a secret location to decide what to do.

It was a not a hard choice for Frank he trusted Talia Dunnage and her parents were working on the Phoenix so it was decided to summon the Phoenix.

Thats when things went crazy – blackniss – slowed – thrown – Hummer – hurt – hubcap – fire – Aston – scary – Four Horseman – scary – Hummer moved – more FIRELOTS OF HURT – Black – ……………….. What would you have me do my liege?………..

The Night Hawks, a secret entrance and four artifacts to go

Since we had time to kill we decided to go pay a visit to the Night Hawks, brian decided to stay behind and play with his new toy. The Night Hawks have been forced underground into the sewers and there numbers are dropping due to vamps going to The Kingdom, either by choice or against there will, which is a little sad. We meet with Dog who had some useful information for us, a secret way into Gavascorp. So after a bit of a chat we make arrangements for the following night.
The next night we meet up and get taken to the entrance that the Night Hawks have found which appears to be magical, which was over our heads but hey it got us in. After coming up with a plan we send in Brian to have a scout around, he gets back and fills us in on the situation, The plan we had would mean that Brian would have to go this one alone since he can go invisible and we would stay behind and give him an amount of time to get to the safe get the artifacts then make his way back to us. Ok times up so we make our way up to check on Brian, but first we run into a tec personal. After being mind fucked by Frank the tec bolts because the werewolf was to much for him to handle, we make our way to the top and we are greeted by guards and then the mayhem begins.
After a brief scuffle Brian appears and informs us that he has the artifacts, so we start to make our retreat backdown, we get out thank Dog for his help and then make our separate ways as to not get them involved the Night Hawks. Well we have four of them so that makes four more to find.

Technician's resignation
Think of the poor innocents caught in the middle.

Ethan – thought you’d get a chuckle from this communication we hacked from Gavascorp – Email Security Admin

To my manager

Consider this my resignation effective immediately. You will also be receiving an extensive bill from my psychiatrist. You’re probably wondering why. Well, I’ll explain.

It started as a routine sweep of the server banks in lower level A. You know that wall by the sewer, the one we’ve repeatedly complained about the weird noises we hear from? I swear it’s haunted cause the weirdest stuff happened to me down there.

First there was a voice that was telling me to do things. Then I had a nightmare about giant pomeranians. Don’t laugh, they can be vicious. Then there were some intruders that must have done something to me cause I have trouble remembering much about them but I did the right thing and ran up to warn the guards that the intruders were trying to flee out the front. Which seems odd in hindsight since that’s were the guards were. I also appear to have soiled myself at some point.

Anyway, I thought my stressful night was over so, after a sit down to collect myself, I headed back up to my office. Only I ran into a firefight between some of our guards and the most horrifically ugly man I’ve ever seen. He also seemed to be carrying some stuff in our security bags, so I’m guessing he was a thief.

Also that pomeranian nightmare kicked in again and the next thing I knew I came to my senses curled up in a stall of the toilets.

Now I’m being told I imagined all that stuff and that there was no intrusion. Well I know a cover-up when I hear one, and of course that means I’m to receive no counselling.

I hope you can tell by the tone of my correspondence how angry I am, and I have a mind to go to the media over this. That’ll teach you that when you try to cover something up it’s not always easy for your employees to just forget something happened.

Now, I have to go as my pizza has arrived.

Which is weird, because I don’t remember ordering a pizza.

I think we just stuffed our scouts plans
we get tired of waiting

Waiting for the Email to do its job we go and visit the Night Hawks,
They live in the underbelly of human society, most are the clan of nostfuratu .
We have a chat with I think the guy in charge called dog. He talks about their numbers and that they are dwindling, I think they are waiting Tarlia to take over and bolster their numbers.
After a small chat we learn that they can get us into the building owned by the four horsemen. We plan to go the next night.

The next night comes around and we arrive at the basment floor of the building. There is an invisible door… Cool whatever works.
We send in our ugly to scout the room. 10 mins later he has seen the bottom floor.
We had found out from the Email thing that at the top floor there is a safe and what we are after is possibly in that.
Mr ugly volunteers to go up and get them, it helps that one can be invisible.
Waiting Waiting Waiting man how long does it take if you are invisible? He must be in trouble. We decide to go help him and or rescue him.
basement floor we hit trouble, this is less than ideal because it’s the first 20 meters . A tecko spots us, much rushing and turning into small huge werewolf and mind altering goes on and one very scared Tecko runs up and out hopefully luring as many guards with him.
We rush up stairs keeping a lookout for Mr ugly. Last door last floor he must be in here (door opens) how wrong could one be?
We are greeted by four guards , they turn and look and chaos starts .
now four guards to deal with and no sign of Mr ugly.
Claws , nashing of teeth, shooting ,and freeze words happen and from behind us a Mr ugly turns up and says he has everything. (I think we just blew or stealthy man’s cover) so we bug out, shooting running and we are out, back home to tell the wall of muscle all about our successful infiltration. We now have four parts of the summoning Mats we need for the Phoenix four to go

Intercepted Email #3
To: portisk8@pricefield.com

So you know that flash drive? Turns out it’s full of info about the end of the world. Or, ends of the world, cause it has already happened a bunch of times. And it sounds like some jokers want to hurry up the next one. Do your parents still have that disaster bunker? Mum and I might be coming for a visit soon.

The next thing the fangs needed to investigate was a bank that’s owned by some group called “The Four Horsemen.” Yes, the name is a little on the nose, even for a doomsday cult.

It wasn’t a normal bank. Some sort of electronic bank where corporations hide secure their precious data. Ethan seemed to think it was the place TFH were most likely to keep their dirty secrets.

Turned out these fangs do have one weakness. Receptionists who say “no.” Unable to get past the lobby at night, and with all the guards in the place, we decided not to try and force the point.

So we came back during the day. And by “we” I mean “me.” So there I am, trussed up like a white collar suit doing my best impression of a corporate secretary trying to set up an account for my fictitious boss.

No, there isn’t pictures, and if there is I’ll burn them.

In the end I couldn’t get access to their computers but Cooper, Xenith’s pet hacker that we rescued the other night, wrote a fancy hacking program and all we had to do was email it to one of their email addresses.

Computers! why did it have to be Computers.
Frank talks to people not computers.

We get back to Xynith and the flash drive is all about the Phoenix project and some personal information for Nicholas Blewett.

Turns out that the Phoenix is a “thing” that can wipe the slate clean / stop doom or bring it about and Talia Dunnage’s parents were trying to summon “it” for what reason we have not figured out yet.

Possibly they knew about the four horsemen and were trying to stop them.

That brings me to what we are now up to – The Four Horseman.
We have been given a possible location of their base and or Storage facility.

Off to check it out , we do a drive by and eye up the place and see it is a building ( for what i now know as a huge data bank – not what i thought it was at first ) we go in late at night and try to get access to a computer there so we can upload a virus to extract information out of their servers.
We all became well antiquated with the guards and the guards became well antiquated with all our bits.
After a bit of talking we would have to come back the next morning – problem.

Off goes the wolf to try to get access to the computer systems wile we slept.
No direct access but she has managed to implant a virus through the email – very cleaver of her lets just hope it works.

We now play the waiting game.

The Further Adventures of Kaleb and his Minions

So after our efforts at the rival corporations base we decided to go check out this Kingdom Place. High in the mountains only able to be choppered in and a bit of a hike to the entrance. Not very inviting. Then the snowy climate turned into a frosty reception. There is a battle a brewing in that place and the Prince is just watching on as if its a soap opera. So we were ushered into some rooms for the night and actually locked in. Given no food we decided we did not like being prisoners so made our escape thanks to some quick thinking from my new puppy. (I like having a pet again.) Anyway we had a little bit of a scuffle with some armed guards. I had to drink from them to heal as again I seemed to take more than my fair share of damage. One may be dead and the other one I should have killed because I now have a little bit of a blood bond to him. Anyway we rescued the Xenith accountant, got down the mountain to be met by the Prince who said to tell his brother they were now even as he gave my little puppy a treat in the form of a flash drive. He then sent us on our way. Be interesting to see where to from here.

I find the Kingdom's hospitality lacking
Well that sucked.

After the long walk up the mountain we do notice a lack of any guards. Guess they do not need them up here.
We are greeted by Caroline Montague, a lady we have tangled with before. This time a lot more dignified. Straight to business she asks me to join ( the kingdom seams to be under the control of two factions and not the prince , this surprises me).

Caroline Montague seams to be one of the more powerful Vampires and is the more social of them. If i were to join i would be answering to her.
On the other hand i could join Chelsea Surtees the Sheriff of the Kingdom a much more shall we say dominant personality. Chelsea entered the room where we were talking to Caroline and told her in no uncertain terms to leave. A much less dignified chat happened and we were then escorted to our room.

Expecting to rest for the day and start our business the next night we all were ready for a good days sleep.
The next night comes around and we wait for someone to come and get us so we could start with our business. We wait and wait and wait apart from a few toilet breaks no one came and no refreshments. Perhaps they had forgotten us? We start to talk and Caroline Montague shows up she had been listing in. She tells us that Cooper du Toit is indeed here and she will aid us in getting him out of the Kingdom.

Next night its time to start looking for a way out they are not letting us out of our room.
The werewolf comes in handy again and manages to keep the door from locking when she comes back from another toilet break. Time to get this Cooper du Toit and leave this not so friendly place.

Caroline Montague came through with her side and we only had to tango with two guards. We found Cooper hard at work at his desk in a locked room. we all thought he had been mind controlled thinking he was still working at Xynith because when questioned he told us he was still working on Xynith business but this was not the case. Cooper du Toit the best employee in the world managed to be kidnapped and forced to work for the kingdom but still managed to link up with Xynith’s Computer system and keep doing his job.

Finlay out of the Kingdom a long walk back to a helicopter (hopefully). We arrive 4 hours later and there standing by the chopper is Ashton Van Merwe. A small chat later and apparently he and his brother are now even and he handed the werewolf a small drive. oooowwwww i really want to see what is on that.

Intercepted email #2
To: portisk8@pricefield.com


Sorry it took a bit to get back to you, I was a little out of service areas when you replied. No, I didn’t take a snowboard with me, but it wasn’t really that sort of a mountain. Unless you like your extreme sports a bit more extreme than normal.

Turns out the Kingdom actually live in a cave complex they’ve extended into the mountain. It was horribly cold, even though there were some human servants there but I guess the fangs don’t care about comfortable temperatures.

The first representative of the Kingdom to welcome us was a lovely old lady-fang called Caroline Montague. She seemed quite gracious and extended a special invitation to Frank. Not sure what it meant but I guess he’s special to the Kingdom or something.

Then a couple of sibling fangs came in and did their best to be complete and utter dicks. I guess they’ve had a run in with the fangs I’m with or something, but the feeling of hostility seemed pretty mutual. Reminder to self to not get on Kaleb’s bad side.

Turns out we had another reason for going there. Zenith wanted us to track down one of their missing tech guys, who they were pretty sure had been taken by Kingdom. That was going to be difficult with the Kingdom keeping us locked up except for the occasional toilet break for me. On one of those trips I did get to do a bit of an explore and saw their servants acting like they’re drugged to the point of being barely conscious and they were also using them to provide blood. Gross.

During one of those bathroom trips the tech guy we were looking for managed to get a message to me on my phone. It confirmed he was here, but he also warned us the Kingdom was planning on just keeping us locked up. Guess they didn’t factor in the fact that keeping you servants stoned makes them easy pick-pocket targets. Once I had the key to the room the servant went off to get another one and I sabotaged the lock to ensure we could come and go as we pleased.

When we found the tech guy he had a couple of guards so the scarier members of my fang group took care of that. Frank and I went in to the tech guys room to grab him only to find he was busy doing his work. Not work for Kingdom, but his work from Xenith. While kidnapped he had managed to hack into the Xenith network to continue his work as though he was still turning up like normal. He took a bit of convincing but we managed to get through to him that we needed to leave now.

Once out of the Kingdom we headed down to the helicopters, but there was someone waiting for us. None other than the Prince, who gave the guys some vague advice that just seemed to make them uncomfortable and said he was now square with them. Oh, and he gave me a flash drive.


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