Hawkes Bay Vampire

If I have to do the talking we are fucked

So we reported what we saw to Xenith Brother and got another location to investigate. Some city Council workers were there and Frank totally fucked up his mind games which meant a simple trip down a ladder took most of the night. I nearly bluffed the guy into thinking we should be there but for some reason he didn’t quite believe me. Then Talia she with the blessed tits tried to knock out one of the council workers just to give him an egg on his head and make him a bit more angry. Ohh well eventually we found something down a couple of levels we shall see what it is. I feel a bit of a scrap coming on…

Fucking werewolf

So we are outside the cannery then things go black…

as i come to and pick myself up i see a werewolf, it would appear i just got knocked the fuck out,
OUCH. I see Kaleb jump into action and realize how big this thing is, after we subdue the beast i take a breath so to speak, only to be grabbed like a rag doll by Kaleb as he starts to frenzy.

Thankfully Frank was on hand to get Kaleb back under control and Ethan who managed to get handcuffs on the big guy.

As the dust settles we find a secret entrance, there were a few traps and locked doors, Ethan was able to disarm and pick and we made our way into a room with screens connected to a surveillance system, so it would appear someone is watching the cannery we are just not sure why or who. Ethan also came across a coffin with his aura perception which no one else could see cos it was invisible, after checking inside there no one home. Ethan plants some surveillance of our own, which Kaleb finds and Luke does his computer thing so we can keep an eye on who ever it is that is watching the cannery.

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

Fucking Werepuppy attacked us while we was looking around some of the Xenith buildings. He tasted quite nice but fuck me if I remember what happened after that. Supposedly I just about tore up my mates. Thankfully Frank managed to use his mumbo jumbo bullshit on me and stopped me long enough for me to get back under control.
We then found a trap door followed by some traps, yup fucking booby traps. Fucking wanker using traps… I mean someone could have lost an eye or something. Found a room with lots of monitors and an invisible stone coffin some beds but no wanker brother.

Paladin Field Report 12477-A (Ethan)

While investigating the outside of the cannery we were attacked by a werewolf. The vicious beast tore into Talia and Kaleb before they were eventually able to subdue it. It didn’t react to demands for it to stop (though luckily that worked on Kaleb when he got a little carried away and I had to ensure he wasn’t a threat to the party or himself).

We found a secret entrance that lead to a room below the cannery. There were several traps and a locked door we had to avoid, but luckily no more werewolves. In fact there were no other occupants present, though we did find multiple cots, and a coffin, that suggested multiple people had stayed there at the same time.

The coffin itself was interesting as a magic spell had made it invisible, and I was only able to detect it with my aura perception. Certainly a smart way for a vampire to hide.

The room had computers with several screens connected to surveillance camers situated all through the cannery. Clearly someone had the cannery under observation, though we have no idea what for. #REDACTED# downloaded the camera footage so that he can sift through it to see if there is anything unusual on there.

Well, that’s my report, hope you’ll believe this one, cause it’s true… just like all the others.

Not that I care, I’ve had a better offer and I’ve seen enough of werewolves to know I don’t want to work for them. My resignation will be filed tomorrow.

Fift Fift Fift Bad Vampire

So after picking ourselves up and working out that the noise was our back up or maybe it was a rescue, Im going with back up im sure we could have taken those guys. We meet with our back up who took us to a room were we got to meet Xynith owner Nicholas. Turned out it was’nt him after us it was his brother, after the talks had ended i get handed a folder, after all these years of thinking my mother was killed in a car accident, she was, but it was no accident so when i get time i shall investicate that further, and they will pay. In the mean time its off to get hammered, which didnt take long for me, must be a light wieght.

So after the hangover passes we make plans to visit the can factory as inspectors, after finding nothing inside we head outside to have a look around, here’s hoping we find spmething…

Frank change's his mind
Xynith is the best

We pick ourselves up of the ground after the grenade explosion, there to greet us was a sergeant or corporal or something telling us to please follow him.

he took us to a room where we were finally introduced to the CEO of Xynith ( frank builds up rage )
he explanes that he never turned us it was his brother Seith he never attacked us it was his brother Seith and that he is trying to get to world where Vampires and humans can co-exist together.

Well i take it all back Xynith is the best Company ever the C.E.O is “The Man” and would be happy to call myself his “Bitch”
If there was anything he wanted or to ask of me i would do it happily.
His two brothers on the other hand can go sit and spin.

After talking with Mr Xynith i was happy to track down Seith’s Minions and bring them to Justice as was the wishes of Mr Xynith " The Man " and not because of his Brother Mr Douche Bag Prince’s orders.

To celebrate we went to a bar and some of us over indulged but all had a good time.

The next night we were on the hunt at the Can factory as “inspectors” but nothing has come of our investigations as of yet.

First day working for Paladin (Ethan)

Well at least it seems Xenith does like us, despite what Tepesko keeps saying. They sent some of their guards, to take care of the turncoat guards that were attacking us… though they were mostly just providing a mobile buffet table for Kaleb.

They were able to sort out Jimmy too, luckily. Not sure how they felt about Tepesko’s… intervention. Turns out he’s a ghoul, after all, so we didn’t need to worry so much.

We finally got the chance to have a proper sit down with Nicholas and gets some answers finally. For a start, it turns out his name isn’t Mr. Xenith. It looks like what is happening is some sort of cold war between vampire factions, that is rapidly warming each day. Nicholas considers himself a Promethean, and thus believes in vampires cohabiting with humans in peace. This definitely seems the faction I agree with the most so I see no problem in helping Xenith, while also trying to complete Paladin’s task.

Nicholas then threw me a bit of a curve-ball, by offering me a job, and letting me figure out what I want the job to be. Complete freedom is attractive… but do I want to sell out and go corporate, when I really want to uphold the law. With the FBI replaced by Paladin though, I don’t know which job I’m even talking about now. I also really need to find out how to spell Xenith if I’m going to work for them.

We decided to pursue the Xenith cannery angle, as we knew Seth’s minions had a base underneath it. We posed as inspectors and had a thorough search of the building, as well as it’s computers, and couldn’t find anything linking the cannery to Seth. We then took our search outside…

Farts Farts and more Farts

So the Fift Fift Fift noise was Nicholas sending in his troops to rescue us from Seths troops. Turns out Nicholas is the Good brother, not the insane brother (Ashton the Prince) or the homicidal brother (Seth). Nicholas is promethian and believes in Humans and Vampires living side by side.
We then stopped at my new local to have a drink and recuperate. Great bar!!! I got a new sponsorship from Zenith made my manager happy. We went to the Canning plant again cause Seth has a base underneath it posing as Inspectors. I told the secretary I was working as an employee of Zenith as part of my sponsorship deal as it helped with the tax implications. Fuck knows if the secretary believed me.

Motherfucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck

OK so I get home from going to training and get told get in the van we are heading over to Zenith Corp to see if we can talk to brother 2 who doesnt want to kill us. So off we go to talk to Jimmy Hand who takes us up to an office to have a wee chat. Frank starts talking to him and all of a sudden gas isbeing vented into the room. Jimmy doesnt look to good so Frank and Luke decide to try and turn him. Shit I didn’t think they had it in them. Maybe there is hope for them yet. Any how I decided it was time to get the fuck outta Nagasaki cause some cunt is dropping bombs right here right now only to find we are fucking locked in aswell. Next thing fucking smoke grenades get chucked into the room. So I decided the best form of defence is attack, only to find it may be the second best form of defence as I get shot by fucking hundreds of guards with Automatic Weapons. So I decide to reassess my situation while having a little lie down. Quickly I decided to retreat with some snacks intow and get back into the room. While I am having a feed Luke decides its a good idea to sneak down in amongst the throng of guards and shoot one of them. He eventually gets back into the room. I gave Frank some packaging that the snack was wrapped in. I grab another snack, while Talia trys to close the door. Frank then takes care of that snack while I grab another. I suddenly realise that none of these big brave guys are helping Talia at all. I have to fucking do everything around here ffs. But as I am heading there with a snack for her the throngs come back into the room following a grenade being thrown in the room. Next thing funny wizzing noises and here we are…

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to Xynith we go
Massive Arsehole

After our meeting with the Church we had a long chat to workout what to do next.
We decided to go and have a chat to the Xynith Corporation and try to flush-out the Brother since he is the only one we do not know of his intentions.

we sat down at a very big table to have a chat with the Face Xynith and were quite bold in telling him what we know and who we think his boss is.
it all was going ok till we asked did he know what is boss was, then a small hissss at the door and James Hand ( the face ) was starting to not look to good and started to freak out and … well Die.

I try’ed to talk through the cameras in the room to whoever was doing this to him to stop.
its then i made the dissension to turn James in a vampire to save his life, so i had to kill him to save him, then next thing i know there was lots of gunfire smoke and crazyniss going on.

i try’ed to control people to stop and cried out to however was making this happen to stop (what an Arsehole).
then i’m on the floor dissiriontated and wondering whats going on and will i survive this.

ps :i did feel a bit shameful for turning James ,but regret nothing


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