Hawkes Bay Vampire

Motherfucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck

OK so I get home from going to training and get told get in the van we are heading over to Zenith Corp to see if we can talk to brother 2 who doesnt want to kill us. So off we go to talk to Jimmy Hand who takes us up to an office to have a wee chat. Frank starts talking to him and all of a sudden gas isbeing vented into the room. Jimmy doesnt look to good so Frank and Luke decide to try and turn him. Shit I didn’t think they had it in them. Maybe there is hope for them yet. Any how I decided it was time to get the fuck outta Nagasaki cause some cunt is dropping bombs right here right now only to find we are fucking locked in aswell. Next thing fucking smoke grenades get chucked into the room. So I decided the best form of defence is attack, only to find it may be the second best form of defence as I get shot by fucking hundreds of guards with Automatic Weapons. So I decide to reassess my situation while having a little lie down. Quickly I decided to retreat with some snacks intow and get back into the room. While I am having a feed Luke decides its a good idea to sneak down in amongst the throng of guards and shoot one of them. He eventually gets back into the room. I gave Frank some packaging that the snack was wrapped in. I grab another snack, while Talia trys to close the door. Frank then takes care of that snack while I grab another. I suddenly realise that none of these big brave guys are helping Talia at all. I have to fucking do everything around here ffs. But as I am heading there with a snack for her the throngs come back into the room following a grenade being thrown in the room. Next thing funny wizzing noises and here we are…

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to Xynith we go
Massive Arsehole

After our meeting with the Church we had a long chat to workout what to do next.
We decided to go and have a chat to the Xynith Corporation and try to flush-out the Brother since he is the only one we do not know of his intentions.

we sat down at a very big table to have a chat with the Face Xynith and were quite bold in telling him what we know and who we think his boss is.
it all was going ok till we asked did he know what is boss was, then a small hissss at the door and James Hand ( the face ) was starting to not look to good and started to freak out and … well Die.

I try’ed to talk through the cameras in the room to whoever was doing this to him to stop.
its then i made the dissension to turn James in a vampire to save his life, so i had to kill him to save him, then next thing i know there was lots of gunfire smoke and crazyniss going on.

i try’ed to control people to stop and cried out to however was making this happen to stop (what an Arsehole).
then i’m on the floor dissiriontated and wondering whats going on and will i survive this.

ps :i did feel a bit shameful for turning James ,but regret nothing

Message posted on a poorly secured blog by Ethan Harper
Back to the Future


Gee, glad to be home. Ordinarily this would be time to write a long report for work but given recent events, it’s time for a change.

To recap, we’ve been travelling through time, a lot. My team found ourselves leaving ancient Egypt behind and landing just in time to watch the end of the world, alongside his Superiorness the prince. Seems that the Apocalypse was caused by a fight between the antideluvians and the four horseman.

Grilling the prince for information was nearly fruitless, as this was a version before he sent us time-travelling. Eventually we did discover that we had witness his creation, but that we didn’t recognise him because he had some sort of plastic surgery, and that the scepter was in fact the one and same artifact that sent us on this Nevereding Excursion!

Ending our trip back where we started, in front of the prince. Demands from his not-so-Majesty now involve taking down his brothers “Organisation.” Refusals were met with the sharp end of his sword, as the politician discovered.

Eventually I returned to the office, only to discover we are now a privately run organisation. Not only that, but I have to wear a uniform now. F#%@!!!

Our group now find ourselves with different people demanding our loyalties, but hopefully the others will have luck finding allies with the church.


Hi Honey I'm Home

So after more bloody bouncing around in time we finally got back home. Seems the Prince let some horseys out of a barn or something to destroy some really old Vamps. The four Horesmen of the apocolypse or something. He wants us to destroy his Brother who is behind all the attacks on the Supernaturals. So we go to tell the FBI only for me to be kicked out of headquarters and hey presto the FBI changes into some private security firm. Evidently all govt departments have been turned private. The funny thing is Ethan has to wear this stupid uniform now hahahahhahahaha aaaaa hahahahahahahahaha. He looks stupid hahahahahahahaha. But I must ask if he told them we knew who was behind all the Supernatural slayings cause we are still on the job for now. Anyway must go and do a work out. Catch yall later

Here is your gift and now i want to kill you
don't piss off a powerful Vampire

So the Statue from my last post was a Gargoyle.
The Prince was always there in the room with his brother.
Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead.
The Four Horse Men of the Apocalypse are real.
We had the sword and the prince and we did not know it.

So the last few seconds of our lives has been fulled up with a few days of Time Travel Knowledge.
we came back to my apartment to the prince and told everything we need to know abut his two brothers.
But what we needed to know was “kill their Minions or i kill you”.
Not allot of choice there but i did protest to the prince and was met with the sharp end of the Scepter / Sword and told to get out of my own House.

I set up a meeting with the head of the Church and went and cry’ed to her about the Prince.
turns out he had bet me to it and already charmed his way into the good books with her.

He (Prince) is a total wanker.

FBI – Locked in room and told find bad guys and bring to Justice ( if captured or found cant say it was the FBI we are working for ) also now a private company (possibly one of the brothers owns them now) Cheers.

Prince – Kill Minions or i kill you. Cheers.

Brothers – Want to kill us ( one of them at least – other Brother not to sure what he wants) Cheers.

Things are looking good right about now for us.

FBI Field Report 12476-D (Ethan)
Then and back again

After another timeshift we found ourselves outside a city in the desert. The large pointy triangle constructions in the back suggest this might be ancient Egypt, pyramids and all. After spooking the guards (not sure why we’re suddenly so intimidating), we were met by a representative of the city. She turned out to be a vampire as well, though she was also able to use magic. Luckily for us, amongst her powers was a scepter that allowed communication, so we were able to get some answers, vague though they may be.

She took us to some catacombs underground. Along the way the spellcaster, and her friends, exhibited vampire powers that have not yet been seen in our present. Including glowing eyes that allowed them to see in the dark.

What she took us to see was a ritual they used to feed their ghouls. It looked quite painful and was typical of the sort of rituals that primitive cultures used to explain perfectly mundane things. I assume anyway. Our French expert was being strangely silent at this stage.

We had yet another timeshift at this stage. We found ourselves still in the same room, but alone now. I grabbed the scepter and took the opportunity to use my new power on it, only to discover I used to hold it. Guess we’re going to find it again further in the past. After much stumbling around we eventually worked our way out of the catacombs and into what we think is the inside of the pyramid.

In the pyramid we came upon a room where, it was later explained, we witnessed the creation of new vampires. Some identical vampires immediately left the room, leaving us with the new blood. Much to our surprise one of them was the Prince’s brother, except now he claimed to have no idea who the Prince was when we discribed him. We assume that it was not “brothers” in the blood related sense then.

Someone noticed that the new vampires were about to wig out, so we excused ourselves and hid in a secret room for the day. Somehow a statue appeared while we were asleep which was a little disconcerting. Although maybe that’s normal for pyramids? Next thing aliens will probably turn up.

You don’t actually think aliens will turn up do you?

I want to go home.

"You will be Fine"
"you are a prophecy" - but ill make you wait

Yes its Egypt. So we venture fourth to see what going on. We meet up with this whom i’m now going to refer to as “The Bitch” female who wields a small scepter in her hands.
we get a dialogue going thanks to what looks like a magical scepter and The Bitch seams to think we are part of a prophecy and that we are something very important.
so The Bitch decides to take us down underground to have a chat about whats going on since she knows that we are from the future ( something you don’t see every day i’m sure )
The Bitch takes us underground the Sighs at us because we cant see in the dark (1 tick against her)
The Bitch walks us for 30 mins without explanation to where she is taking us (2 ticks against her)
The Bitch then takes us to a room with symbols on the ground, here i think great finally we can talk about whats going on and what this important prophecy is . . . oh fuck no that’s not important enough as feeding her minions before talking to what she thinks is part of a prophecy!
so i must be mistaken it does look like prophecy happens every other day here in this time.
then fantastic we bamph time again to what time i have no idea.
but cool we are still in the same room with the magical scepter of talkyniss.
Right time to leave this place after a bit of investigation.
we walk around for a few hours and end up in a pyramid and walk into a room full of Vampires that have just become Vampires, four Fuck off that all look the same and some are left and one of them is Mr Xynith himself and he has just become a Vampire.
i do give credit where credit is due he did have time to talk to us about what is going on to the best of his knowledge unlike The Bitch.
Thanks to a observant party member we notice he and the others are about to go Nato on whatever they see, so we decide to leave them to it safe in the knowledge that he will survive.
we spend the day (we think) in a room with a magical wall and wake up with a statue in there with us…. its seams like this statue like looking at walls but WTF how did it get there?
after investigating the statue we decide to go back to the room with Mr Xynith and see if 1. this is the same time and 2. see if we can get an inkling on what is going on.

When i get back to Mr Prince he has allot of explaining to do. what was with you’ll be fine you’ll be ok, you are not going to be ok, you might struggle, to each of us.
a little bit of a heads up might be in order next time we go time traveling you fucker.
and things are NOT going fine like you said, i’m starting to get hungry and there are no blood packs around. so cheers for this “GIFT” and “THANKS” for setting you free from what looks like your brother Mr Xynith and “Brother” is an interesting term you wanker, since he is Egyptian and you last time i looked are not even close to Egyptian.
So there better be a good reason for this you massive massive Tool.

PS: you’ll be fine when we all get back Starving.

FBI Field Report 12476-C (Ethan)
History always repeats

I do not know whether this report will get filed correctly, or discarded as some work of fantasy. Either way I must report on what I’ve experienced.

We completed as much searching we felt we had time for in the Xenith building. We found a hidden basement, which was constructed in a very different style to the rest of the building. In there we found evidence of a laboratory of some sort. There were restraints that indicated the subjects may not have been willing, although at some point they were able to break free. Upon handling some of the items I was overcome with an impression of the test being performed, and it appeared Xenith was experimenting in creating supernatural creatures. After calming down I made sure not to touch anything else for a while. Then everything went white and we found ourselves somewhere else.

This time we didn’t seem to travel as far in time, but more in distance. Judging by the vehicles we observed, we appeared to have arrived during some great war. We took shelter in a damaged tank as sunrise was not long away, only to find it was already occupied. Inside was the Prince’s brother, who also claimed to know us, much like the Prince did. Before we could question him though, everything went white and we were transported again.

To a primitive battlefield. Our new recruit proved himself quite useful by identifying the language one side was speaking as a form of Latin. He attempted to gain more information from them but they were not very forthcoming, and made us wait in a tent. A couple of our group got bored and just as it appeared they’d aggravated our hosts into action everything went white again.

There and Back again by Frank Tepisco
Frank learns Latin

After the fight and Ten pin Bowling of heads down the hallway we head to the lower levels of the Xynith building.
we find some sort of computer and a trap door leading down to a lab of some sort.
we learned that the prince has a brother, and he and the prince had some sort of terrible thing happen to them wile they were at the lab.
Our resident psychic picked up on some bad mo-jo wile holding a deceased persons lab coat.
then the inevitable fade to white happened and we end up in a humid swampy grass land with the sounds of war all around us and the sun coming up fast.

It was find cover very quickly or start panicking and dig a hole with my teeth – fast.
Thankfully we found a up turned tank that we could layup for the day.
we we all got inside and we find that someone else was in there with us. The Princes Brother!
who it turns out is Xynith! ( so i instantly distrust him and or hate him )
we learn very little from him and them whiteout to yet another war, but this time with the Romans.

We decide to head for the main encampment to see if we could talk with someone. . . no no no that’s to easy,
we end up at spear point being lead into a tent and told to stay there. (not an option)
since i had no idea what or how to communicate with these people at this time i turn to the Frenchy to teach me a few words in Latin.
meanwhile the bullet smith buggers of, the teacher gets stabbed and the wall of mussel starts to look very very put out.
its at this time i think to myself its time to have a word or two with the guards that are holding us captive.
i stick my head out the tent to have it all most made a pin cushion. " please take us to your commander_" “NO” "_right you are"
tent comes down surrounded by spears and whiteout again.

Now it looks like we are in Egypt i think we are close to seeing what the prince wants us to see.

The Continuing Saga of Kaleb and his Minions

OK so i been told to write a new log each time rather than add on to me existing one cause no one can tell when I have added on. Ain’t that a laugh I have no idea when when is. One minute we are in a bloody factory in 1947 next thing we are fighting to find some shelter before the bastard sun comes up in some Vietnamese jungle during the Vietnam war. WTF I mean WTF!!!!! Anyhow we find that we have taken shelter with someone else from our future, I mean past, I mean future past? WHATTTTTTT THHHHHHEEEEE FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!! Anyhow turns out that he is the Princes Brother and he is Xenith Corp. Seemed an ok guy but then fuck me if we didnt just up and fuck of to another battle. Romans vs some black dudes. Anyway we go for a walk to find the Roman boss dude thinking that if there is a Vampire around to talk to he would be with them. We were right and he too was from our past future past place (this is doing my fucking head in). He was not such a nice guy and tried to kill us but again everything went white and we are now somewhere else again… This all probably makes sense to that nutter flat mate of mine but if anyone tries to explain it to me again I am going to wig the fuck out and blame it on a frenzy….


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