Hawkes Bay Vampire

O so close

So we have a new team member i guess Peter couldn’t handle it or he is off on a more important mission, our new team member is Tabitha the teen we saved from the under ground lab. It also turns out she is a werewolf, so things will be interesting now to see how the group handle her and how she handles the group, i guess time will tell and at least there is another female in the group.

So Xenith wants us to look into why this other corporation ( United Corp ) was experimenting on Tabitha, and we found out about a build that was holding her a one point, so of we go to start snooping around. So we get there and we all agree that we will try and do this as low key as pos and get in without them knowing, so we do some surveillance and work out there is a fire escape down the alley and the front door which has guards, which seem to do shifts and there is at least 4 guards that we know of.

So the fire escape it is, Tabitha gets us in through the door and we start looking around. After coming up empty handed we heard some guards coming so we hide in the ladies rest room, they come in turn on the light looked in then left, so far so good haven’t run into any trouble, but just as we were leaving a lady in a lab goat walks in, she freezes which gives Frank enough time to do his mine control on her, which turned out to be a blessing cos she was able to help us get into the computer system and find out what we needed. We transfer the information onto a flash drive and make our way out, we may actual get away without being busted.

O so close, as we made our way out the elevator opens and there are some guards, which we engaged briefly before deciding to bail before this got out of control and we started to really hurt people, which was a good decision.

Intercepted Email
To: portisk8@pricefield.com

Ethan, thought you’d want to see what the little pup is writing. Don’t worry I changed all the name and location specifics before letting it send. – Email Security Admin

Hi, I’m alive.

Thought I should start with that, I hear you’ve been pretty worried the last few weeks.

You’ve probably heard by now that I was kidnapped by some corporation. It was pretty horrible, I’m kinda glad I only remember bits. They… experimented on me. I really don’t want to talk about it yet.

Instead I’ll talk about what happened after I was rescued. Another corporation, Xenith, had sent a group of shadowrunners, all fangs, to investigate the corporation that had me. Luckily for me they stumbled across the room I was being held in and decided to rescue me.

Xenith looked after me pretty well, though I think they see me as a prize that they just don’t know the value of yet. Instead they want to keep me in hand till they solve the puzzle of what the other corporation wanted with me.

A suit called Ethan introduced me to a group of fangs that he said would protect me from the other corporation. Of course it was the same group that rescued me. He also seemed to think I’d be able to help them do their jobs as a kind of payment for their protection.

The first fang is called Talia. I haven’t had much chance to get to know her, but she is the only other female around here so I find her slightly less intimidating than the rest of the fangs.

Then there’s Frank, the ex-senator guy. He’d be your favourite. Rich, pretty, and dumb, just how you like them. He seems the most human of them. If it wasn’t for the skin and the teeth you might forget what he is. I’m sure it won’t last though, and letting down my guard would be risky.

There’s also this freaky looking fang who looks like every Hollywood fantasy of the horrible monster vampire. The kind that’s more at home in the sewers than the castle. I don’t actually know his name, might begin with B?

Finally there’s this huge scary muscle meathead of a guy. Caleb. He seems to be trying to be nice to me. Ugh, don’t like the way he keeps looking at me though, it makes me want to throw on 3 extra layers.

Ethan has a weird idea of keeping me safe though. Their very first job is to break into an office building belonging to United Corp, the very corporation that kidnapped me it the first place. Reservations aside, I can see now why they need someone like me. Turns I got to use my experience from breaking into the school pool to help them get into the building. Guess Ethan didn’t just look at my school records.

They scoped the building out for a while before going in, and seemed to think they’d be able to move around and avoid guards and get out without anyone knowing we were there. Well that’s not exactly how it worked, it was more that Frank can make people forget we were there after we run into them. It scares me to think what else he could do with his mental powers. Especially after seeing him completely control some office lady into helping us get into a computer so we could download a bunch of info on the corp.

A couple of guards did spring us at the end thanks to some unfortunate timing. We got out though, and the fangs didn’t seem to troubled by the guards. In fact the only decision seemed to be whether to hurt the guards “badly” or “really badly.” We ran off after just a little violence, don’t worry I kept my head down, and we think the guards will think they scared us off before we got anything.

Anyway, that’s all I have time to write for now. All my clothes are still back at the dorm so I need to quickly run to the shops. We’re being sent to some place called Sanctuary which is high up in the mountains so I’m going to need those 3 extra layers after all.


Things are getting shady
Can i carry on doing this?

Things are turning grey for me now not so black and white as it used to be.
Once upon a time i was a law abiding senator now I’m a criminal stealing information from corporations.

Earlier this week it has gone from talking to the head of the church to breaking in and kidnapping people and information from a corporation.

Now i do know this is common place now days but it just seams that the world has lost some of its humanity and everyone is just that little bit darker now.

Last night was interesting. We have been given a new Human / Werewolf in place of the other human we had the night before.
This one is the one we removed from the latch / basement from the house we rocked up to the night before ( why Xynith is giving us a fledgling werewolf with no Runner history is beyond me) She did prove her worth when it came to the computer side of things though.

We decided to go to the building she was in before being moved to the basement to see what we could find out.
We waited and waited and waited to see if we could talk to anyone on the inside of the building as they came out for a break or just finishing for the night / morning.
Only thing we saw was a guard change. We did not want to cause a ruckus so we looked for another way in other than just storming the building.
We had no idea how many guards they had, they had at least 4 that we knew off.

On the side of the building there were some fire escapes one on each level of the building.
Again the new girl/werewolf managed to open the fire door without setting off the alarm. We did have a run in with one of the guards but i did a little talk to make him forget we were there. With a bit of help from myself the fire door was closed with everyone inside and no alarm set off.

We quickly found a vacant room with some work cubicles. Again the new girl/werewolf set to work on the computer to see if she could find out some information. Sadly she was not up to par and we had to improvise.

I decided to lye in wait for someone to go to the toilet and see if i could convince them to part with some information. But just as i was going to go to my ambush place we did hear some guards coming to do a sweep of the floor. So we all went and hid in the Female toilets.
Luckily for us as we hid in each cubicle of the rest room the guards did not look to long or hard and they carried on their job of protecting the building.

Just as i stepped out of the toilet cubicle a lady had entered the room and looked as though she was about to scream at the top of her voice. With a quick STOP from myself she was frozen in place. A few warm words of encouragement she had decided to let us take her to the vacant room for a bit of questioning.

In the room she spilled the beans, we got into the computer and downloaded everything we could and learned as much as we could from her.
I spent some time making her forget we were there and that she should carry on to the restroom for some relief.
Time to go.

I would like to take a moment and reflect on what had happened till now.

1. Night before Kidnapped 3 people and stole their stuff.
2. Broken into a Building and tried to steal information.
3 Stolen information and now leave building without anyone knowing.

This is a far cry from what we were doing only a few years ago. Our group has turned into Robbers for a corporation that had a hand in turning us into Vampires for their own profits.
Let me tell you i have been given a few choices lately,
1 take over as head of a certain / powerful entity just need to do one thing first. But that one thing is being jeopardized as a Runner for Xynith especially with this group i am with.
2. i have become under a lot of presser to join the Kingdom / Sanctuary.

With the world going the way it is at the moment Kingdom / Sanctuary is sounding like a nice option where i could wait out the next few hundred years and see what happens with Humanity.

I digress.

Time to go.
As we go to leave the building we all turn at once as down the end of the hallway we hear “Ding” as the elevator doors open with two guards looking right at us. Snapped.
We move as fast as we could to stop the situation from escalating any further.
I managed to stop one in his tracks and the other was put into Kaleb’s signature hold.
( i stood there waiting for the now familiar SNAP of the neck, to my surprise did not come).
I tried to keep one under control wile the other was dealt with by the rest of the party.
The other guard managed to escape out of Kaleb’s grasp also to my surprise and started to run. Then the shooting started.
Time to bolt we had information and they did not know any better, no need to kill these guards that were only doing their job and had not fired a shot off at us as until we ran.
That could have turned out bad, Broken into building, stolen Information, then Killed Guards that told us to freeze and had not expended a single shot off at us.

Out of the building and back to Xynith so that they could profit from our robbery again with no payment again only some information about synthetic blood as payment.

We get a call saying we are needed at Sanctuary for a chat. Again Xynith wants its hand in this “Chat” but this time for something good – to put an end to sibling feud.

We get into a helicopter and it is not a pleasant flight. I am glad i told the werewolf to put on some warm clothes on as it would not be pleasant for anything other than vampires up here. Lets see what happens up here.

A Trapdoor, A Werewolf and my surname.

So after some detective work at the car rental place we got an address, so off we went but first a quick stop at the hospital to have a wee chat to one of the survivors from the church get together, and after some questioning we found out he was just a lackey.

Upon arriving at the address we pile out and walk towards the front door, next minute Frank gets shot and man handled by Kaleb, we busted down the door and went to work. Im a bit worried about Frank as i seem to have interrupted him in the process of being on his knees with one of the occupants of the house who had his pants round his ankles and hands tied behind his back, but all was explained. After looking around the kitchen i came across a trap door which wouldn’t be opened with brute force, so Kaleb went to work on the tablet to get it open.

Back out in the lounge one of the guys we had tied up, well at least we thought he was, began to change into a werewolf. After Peter fled and not to far behind was Frank i call to Kaleb for a bit of help, Kaleb grapples him i start to slash him and then Frank comes back in to try his mind control which worked, followed by Kaleb snapped his neck.

After getting into the basement which turned out to be a lab, which had a couple of scientist and some poor girl tied down to a table muttering away to herself. We questioned the scientist untied the girl collected everyone that wasn’t dead and head back to Xynith. Also found some information on my parents or more about a project they had been working on.

This is not what it looks like.
Frank caught with his prey's pants down

The Lead led us to The Car rental place. A somewhat helpful clerk told us the information on who rented the car, it was a breath of fresh air not having to make them tell me. So i was happy to sign a card he handed me , for some reason he was very happy to see me.

The Church rang our group and told us that one of the attackers was still alive and in intensive care. What lead to follow? We decided on the hospital in case the man croked it.

Arriving at the Hospital it was best that our computer expert stayed in the car and tried to hack the security cameras wile we went in as representatives of the church to see the poor man in intensive care.
We noticed a man looking like he did not belong and we thought it best to just try for the door and if we got stopped we would than question them to see what they were doing.
Turns out he was guarding the door and he was from another corporation. I was feeling quite good this day so i told him he needed to go on a break and he did so thinking it was his idea… bonus.
Inside we interrogate the poor man all drugged up and we find out he is a grunt with little information but he did conform the name of the man we wanted, Off to the address we got from the Car Rental.

We arrived at the address and started to stroll towards the house and i feel a sharp pain and a massive hand hit me all at once i was shot from the house and Kaleb yanked me out of the way.
we charged the house and broke in forcefully. Over the next few seconds one of the weirdest fights i have taken part in evolved and one point i was all alone at the top of the staircase a"bad guy" frozen in frount of me, me kneeling in frount of him with his pants down around his ankles and at that point Talia comes up the stairs “O…..K” i get as a response from her… not my finest hour.
For the first time in a long time we had people to question.

we had the main chap tied up and we were questioning him how to get into a basement we had found in the kitchen when suddenly he was not tied up and starting to grow…. my what big teeth you have and what big claws you have i was thinking to myself as my mind control did not work as i fled the room.
Again Kaleb and Talia to the rescue i steadied myself and went back into the fray and managed to successfully halt the beast only to watch his neck snap…. well he should have just stayed down and we would have let him go or get a chance to come join Xynith.

In the basement there are two lab guys and one unconscious girl strapped down mumbling a few words “Phoenix, Tab, Project” we bundle anyone who has not expired into the hummer and their equipment and off to Xynith.

Lets hope they are happy to see us and the information.

Paladin and the Vicar

After a phone call from what is now Paladin a meeting was set up. We all gathered for our new assignment with the addition of a new face, his name was Peter and it would appear he is our new babysitter, which should be interesting since he is a human. A meeting with the Vicar was arranged and we were all welcomed with open arms, turns out she is having a few issues with extremist and how popular the church has become. We hadn’t been there long before trouble started, the vicar’s place came under attack. She said we should leave but since trouble follows us around we decided to stay.

A group of extremist were raiding the place looking for the vicar, and after some gun fire followed by some screaming a couple of explosions, broken windows and the extremist rather taking their own lives rather than be taken alive the situation was under control, right time for a snack since i was feeling a bit peckish. The cops were on their way and the vicar suggested that we all leave before they turn up. She said she had our backs and that she had everything covered so off we went back to our haven. Some of us went out to feed while the others started looking into who the extremist could be.

Holy hand grenades

Paladin… Xenith… Not really sure who I’m working for anymore, but I got assigned to babysit some vampires who needed some extra muscle. Now that I’ve met them I’m not sure more muscle is what they need, but they could certainly use someone keeping an eye out for them. Their reaction to danger seems to either be run straight in, or keep their heads down while someone else runs straight in.

Got my first bit of action almost straight away as someone sent some grunts to take down the Vicar they were visiting. They were heavily armed and standard military procedures that indicated some sort of training. All the training in the world wouldn’t have done them much good against the feral teeth machines this group unleashed though.

I noticed one of the vampires was able to influence the enemy targets mentally as well, which helped keep the situation manageable as I laid down covering fire did my best to protect the Vicar.

Thankfully we all came through it okay, though a couple of the vampires looked a little worse for wear and had to go off on their own to recover. I’m going to try not to think about what that involved.

In the meantime we’ve started investigating these grunts to see if we can work out who sent them, and how to stop it from happening again.

Meals on wheels

OK so Paladin (previously the FBI) calls us in for a meeting. Turns out we have a new dude join us to replace Ethan since he has moved up the chain. We get sent to a meeting with the Vicar who is having a few issues with extremists and how popular the church has become. Now I like this lady and am happy to help her however I can. So when some assassins turn up to remove her it is only logical that I defend her. The others did their best I guess to help out as well.
We removed the threat and spent a wee while healing, They deserved to die for what they were trying to do so I had no regrets draining one to heal myself. If I hadn’t I could well have gone into a frenzy and we all know how well that goes for everyone. Anyway the guys have a lead to track down who sent these walking meals so time to exact some justice.

What goes around comes around.
Frank and the Church . . . . Again

A lot has changed in the past few year’s, but for everything that changes a lot stays the same.

Twenty odd years ago i was a up and coming politician looking to go all the way, to be the President to do some good for our country. So i took every appointment i could to get to know people and try for their vote.

That Vote led me to the church,and that’s where all the trouble started. Now 20 odd years later I get called into the church once again and Trouble has started once again.

We are now in a world that is very different from only a few years ago, i am having to watch my back whenever i leave my home out of fear of extermination due to our kind being classed as a virus. My fellow Virus friends from the night we were turned and some new faces have become runners for xynith and it has led us to the Church admin building for a chat.
Now the contents of that chat i can not divulge at the moment but lets just say it was an eye opener and a problem for me due to who i am spending my time with.

Wile at the Admin building 4 or 5 bad guys turned up shooting anyone in sight and were coming for the lovely Vicar Catherine Gerwin.
After a short fight we are now trying to track down who and why they came to assassinate the poor lady. It has lead us to a Car Hire center, lets hope we can put an end to this problem quickly with no more bloodshed.

Movie of our lives...

Dear Harvey Weinstein Jr,

I have yet to receive any replies from your office regarding my movie script. I hope you are simply busy as I’m sure you see the potential for stunning cinematic success with this completely fictional project. A reminder, I am willing to move to Hollywood to assist as a consultant, though I am only able to work nights.
With regards,

Ethan Harper

PS> I have included a copy of the movie’s synopsis in case you weren’t sure which one I was talking about.

The Nights of War

An FBI agent (Hethan Arper), a prospective senator (Tank Frepesko), an MMA fighter (Malen Karcelos) and a teacher (Dalia Tunnage) are gathered together only to be turned into vampires and left in a church basement. After waking up to a new life of supernatural monsters they are recruited into the FBI to investigate the strange and unexplained…

In their investigations they meet representatives of various organisations, including the shady but misunderstood corporation Xenith, the suspiciously helpful New Order of Christ, the actually helpful Downtown, and the massively foreboding Kingdom.
The group suspect Xenith of having more going on and break in to investigate one of their holdings. In doing so they accidentally free a powerful ancient vampire. Something they will soon regret when it turns out he is the new Prince of The Kingdom, and he wants to be friends.

The story takes a turn for the mysterious when the Prince sends the group on a time travelling adventure which ends with them in ancient Egypt where they witness the creation of the Prince and his brothers. They learn the stories of the Four Horsemen are true, and that we should all be worried about their return

Not knowing where to turn the group return to Xenith with an olive branch and learn about the cold war brewing between the vampire factions. Tasked with finding Seth the movie climaxes with a stunningly coordinated infiltration sequence that goes off flawlessly. Maybe have Tank’s mind control fail at an awkward time to ramp up tension.
As we wind down the group part ways with the FBI, which is now owned by the Paladin Corporation, and move on to their own interests. Hethan joins Xenith. Tank, whose political career is shot, decides to get closer to the New Order of Christ. Malen focuses on his MMA fighting.

PPS> I’m thinking of adding another character, maybe some sort of Nosferatu, but I can’t think of anything about the character, except maybe calling him Brian.


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