Hawkes Bay Vampire

Dear Diary

So we managed to get into Xynith, thanks to Ethan. We begin our search without trying to alert any attention, we make our way down the hall checking doors when we hear the breaking of wood. Our muscle has decided to use his lock picking skill ( brute force ) to get access one of the rooms, nice effort maybe just a little more tac next time big guy. After searching one of the rooms Frank searches a desk and thinks he may have found a secret compartment, after getting it open we find a small book, after Armand starts to translate he decides ok screw humanity i’m taking this.

Then we hear someones or somethings coming down the hall, then it begins Armand runs to make a diversion, Kaleb takes in two of them on i’ve got one. After our tussle Kaleb and I decide to go replenish lost blood while the others keep on searching.

Franks a brave soul (Frank)
Xynith has been bad

We arrived at the 1947 version of Xynith, typical it looked, smelt and sounded shady.
My esteemed colleague the F.B.I agent whose duty is to uphold the law found it pretty easy to break in to the building (is he who he says he is? must find out)
we started our search of the building straight away, taking care not to set of any alarms or traps or not to alert anyone of our presence.
Working our way down hallway one we herd Snap Crackle Pop and hey pesto door one had been opened forcefully by the wall of mussel, there were noticeable sighs from everyone else, stealth had packed its bags and said screw you guys i’m going home.

looking through the room was somewhat interesting to me but the most fun was had by the frenchy and F.B.I members of the group.
A few hours was spent looking at books and then i found a hidden compartment in the table. the only one who could get open was the woman (makes sense woman always make it their business to make sure they can get into men’s personal stuff)
in the draw was a book, like one i had seen before in our time, the bible its written according to the new church but this book was almost the same but written from another point of view, it was taken off my hand’s before i could look into it more, i’m sure that time will come later.

Then suddenly we were attacked by human looking things cant say to much about it apart from i bravely hid under a table until they were under control, then i bravely pop’ed out and stopped some from hitting my “Friends” , as i made one of these things run back home to mummy i saw one of the things head roll down the hallway i turned to see the wall of mussel with a very evil grin on his face, very worrying. (must watch to see if this goes any further, if it does words may have to be said.)

The girl and wall of mussel went to feed due to blood spend in battle cant blame them really they did look worse for wear.

Points to note These thing obviously have been made by Xynith witch makes them very very bad.

how long has this group (Xynith) been operating?

if they are Xynith in 1947 and also Xynith in my Present how is this possible?

its looking more and more like its a supernatural person or persons running this.

the worst thing about all this is i thought it was humans doing this to people but its looking more like supernaturals doing these heinous crimes and i’m now one of them.
Am i capable of doing this to people to?

FBI Field Report 12476-B (Ethan)
There's no place like home, there's no place like home...

I appear to be under the effect of some form of psychotropic substance, or possible suffering some powerful mass hallucination with my colleagues. Either way I’m sure some powerful entity has done this to us. Possibly to keep us from finding the truth, or maybe to make us question what is real, and what is a game played by nerds around a table.
I came to my senses sleeping in a dirt hole with 4 men and one not-man. Judging by the stars above I estimated we were no longer where we used to be, nor when we should be. I couldn’t estimate the exact date but by the people we shortly encountered I judged it to be many years ago, in a field far, far away.
These people were inhabiting a small village. After some cursory attempts to greet them were unsuccessful, we were surprised at how friendly they became after they got over their initial fear. This was probably due to their leader being a vampire. He claimed, and appeared to be, the Prince we were just meeting with in the present. But if that were the case it would mean he predates all other known supernaturals, the great apocalypse, and much more besides.
The leader futurely known as “Prince” seemed to recognise us, but not from anything we remember doing. He said we had been there with him at his creation in Eqypt centuries earlier. Since none of us remembered doing this, the others believed it must be something we are yet to do. This is already crazy enough so why not think we are going to go further back in time.
Just as we were getting going with our questioning (and I had 32 vital questions noted down and ready to ask him), we were suddenly transported again without warning. We found ourselves in 1940s New York.
The time travel seemed to be starting to have an effect on the group. Kaleb in particular started acting inconsistently as he walked into a gunfight, had a pleasant conversation, robbed the guy, and came back to hire a taxi to take us to Xenith. And what happened to his sword? In fact it was his idea to look up Xenith in this time period (surprisingly they do already exist). I’m beginning to wonder if this really is our old friend Kaleb, or some sort of imposter. After what I’ve already seen supernatural creatures do, I’m sure anything is possible and why does this “Not-Kaleb” want to take us to Xenith?
At the least it should be possible to get some answers at Xenith. I suggested we use the fire escape to enter via the top floor and see what we can find. Unfortunately after climbing the fire escape I suddenly realised it was on the front of the building, which is not a very smart place to try and break into a building from.

Frank tries to explain a paradox (Frank)
4000 years old and we were there?

After touching the sword of the prince everything went white and we appeared in a battlefield in witch two factions were hellbent on killing each other at night, the only good part of that is that it was night.
I knew the safest place to be was behind the wall of mussel so there i stayed until the fighting had stopped.
Dead body’s everywhere, open field, no shelter, no seance of time things were looking just great thanks prince! remind me to thank you for this fantastic gift you have given me.

We decided to follow in the footpath of one of the survivors of the battle, it took three hours but we saw in the distance a small village of humanoids, we kept out distance trying to find out if they could be friend or foe.
I found a small hole under a tree to spend the day in case we decided to stay away from the village, turns out we had one of the most uncomfortable days ever under that tree.
The next night we scouted the village again and decided to enter just then one of the more keen of eye members of our little party spotted five or six people walking toward us, the FBI agent said they are all humans apart from one Vampire, this was good news to me so i decided to walk up to the Vampire and show him or her that i to was a Vampire, what could go wrong with that?

It was the prince this was good news, bad news he could not speak English, thankfully our new French connection could translate for us.
After a small bit of hospitality we got down to Q and A time he knew us by name and said he had not seen us in 1500 years and we were there at his creation and had no idea about our place we had come from, this could only be explained in my head as a time paradox.
i do not know how good our translator is or the intelligence of the prince at this time is but i said what i think is going on with us and was met with blank looks from the prince and the rest of the party (sigh) we asked him one more question but he could not answer because we quantum leaped out of that time to a 1940s to 1950s New York.

Great, new place no money, shelter, or idea whats going on, thankfully we had people that could understand us and a building to jump into if day was upon us.
First thing was find a phone book and look up the prince, not in the book, dam it! but the wall of mussel had the bright idea to look up Xynith (must remember to find out why he thought of Xynith does he have links to that place i do not know about, does he work for them?)
they are around in the 1940s before the world had its tragedy (interesting)

So off to Xynith to see what we can learn.

Vampo 2 (Luke)

Two things occurred to me when the bullet ripped a hole through the Vampires shoulder. A grunt of satisfaction escaped me, not to the fact that I had actually hit my target but to the effect of the hardware on his cold soulless body. That and I finally got his notice. Luckily his bitch keeper kept a rein on her pet so all I got for my trouble upon leaving was a bruised leg.

I was indignant almost to the point of being insulted.

Tactically withdrawing we cast our net wider a few nights later and we find a warm lead of an unreported incident. A factory. A factory with links to Xenith with a cast of scum bags including an obvious primadona Werewolf. Not much but better than Kalebs (hes getting weird that one)foray into owning a vehicle made famous by a movie star and my frustrating attempt to hack Franks bank account. Speaking of which his phone call changed everything. Mr Psycho wants to see him. In true Tespeco fashion he spins it masterfully to have it arranged in his coven. Only he’s trumped by the call we had an hour to get there.

Since the presentation didnt include me or the rat we took our leave in the back rooms. While summarizing the benefits of telepathy in my head the invite to join was made. I didn’t want to go. This aint gonna be good. Fuck

I walk in and the mood is inviting so I join the festivities. The others were stupefyingly around the table hands clasped to this amazing sword of power. Go on He says. Take hold of it like your friends. The term friends stops me for a second and ability to politely refuse becomes available. So I use it. A moment passes before he arrives at the door to my mind, blowing it open like a swat team. I move towards the sword as a spectator to my own body. As horrified, as I batter uselessly against his Will,as I am I sense the loathing hatred within. He must suffer.

I grasp the artifact. A pause then a flash. Then sickening nauseous, the room moving and warping.
Then disbelief as the world changes

I will accept your eternal gratitude (Frank)
The sword

Well after snapping out of the trance i was in made by the very nice lady of the Kingdom the Group and i decided it was time to take out leave witch we did with great haste.

We meet back at my place for refreshments and to have a chat about what happened and what we were to do next. It was decided to forget about getting the Kingdoms help do look for the vampire Hunters the good old fashioned way ( in our case very poorly ).
after what seamed a very very long night we got one lead at a factory on the east side of town, the bullet smith, the hulking bag of mussel and myself went the presiding night to investigate.
I took the direct approach and Brian the Vampire went the now you see me now you don’t approach.
after a small talk with the receptionist i am convinced this is the place we are looking for, 1. its called “Cells” and 2. ITS PART OF XYNITH.

As i was concluding my business with the obvious Vampire Hunter Building i received a call from the Vampire Kingdom representative saying that the Prince would like to revive me and my fellow partners from ten years ago for him to thank me in person so i took no time at all to tell her that he can come and see me any time he wishes ( no small amount of smugness on my behalf ) and was followed with a " he will be there in one hour"……“Huh”.

I arrive at home and see that my home is open to all it seams as more of the party had let themselves in.
after a few hellos and catching up there was a knock at the door it was the Prince.
after the pleasantry’s and greetings i was ready for him so say "thanks Frank Your a great Chap and i give to you my eternal Gratitude. For what i was not to sure at the time but was willing to accept it anyway.
Turns out that he was the 4000 year old Vampire we set free ten years ago, he wanted to thank us for freeing him, so he placed a rather huge sword on the ground that ruined my lovely wooden floor and he said you may touch this as your reward, I did and was followed by a flash of white. then things got real or as it turned out not to real i will elaborate with my next chapter.

The Adventure of Kaleb and his Minions (Kaleb)

Well I am working for thr FBI again <<audible>> I guess they just can’t do things without me. Long story short… Got called into a meeting at FBI headquarters. They need me and my minions to investigate the supernatural killings by the “Hunters”. Frank (never vote) Tipesco had the idea to go and see if the Kingdom dudes had any leads. Also picked up 2 new minions a Nosferato I cant remember what his name is. He is some sort of boffin inventing ammo and shit. The other is some sort of investigator… both could prove useful I spose.

Anyway went to visit the Prince shit happened with Frank under some sort of mesmerize type spell. He wanted to go join the Kingdom which is diametrically opposed to his views. I had to hold him back and man did he wig out… But all true leaders need to protect their minions… even from themselves.

Then that new Nosferato dude draws his gun and shoots an unarmed guy. WTF??? Yeah he was angry but shit lethal force on an unarmed guy FFS!!! Will need to keep an eye on him he might be mentally deranged.

We managed to walk out I apologised for his actions on the way out. After that I went and ordered my new Hummer should have it in a few nights. Helped me calm down a bit.

Tried to find some shit out on the streets. Not much good until Frank found some info on a warehouse. We went and had a look. Zenith Corp own the cannery that operates there. We got a phone call to meet the prince at Franks home so went there. Turns out the Prince is the ancient Vampire we set free at Zenith Corp a decade ago. As a reward we got to touch this really nice shiney sword…mmm shiney… The poof we are in some sort of medievil battle… Again WTF? Anyway managed to find some shelter and a little village. Must sleep now…

OK so found the Prince back in ye olden times. Just as he was going to answer a question bang into the 40’s like quantum leap shit. Got frustrated with Frank cause he refused to use his hyponsis thing to get a cabby to give us a free ride. Went to get some money from some hopefully dead guys near some shootings. Took most of my will power not to rip some prick apart that levelled a gun at me. oh and hey Xenith exists back here now too…hmmm mystery adventure… to be continued…

Well what a cunt of a night in 1947… we broke into Xenith I got bitched at for unlocking a door that Frenchy said was locked but I didn’t steal anything from in there unlike some other French Canadian unnamed vampire. Nec minute these bloody construct things attacked us and of course Frenchy did what all French do when they are confronted and have time to do something rather than surrender he ran away and came back after it was all over. The rest cowered behind me and let me take all the damage while they pissed about trying to hypnotise the constructs. Anyway they didnt want anyone to no we were here so I think we should torch this place when we leave. Anyway we will have to see what happens, I really need some food now so will update further later…

Talia (Talia)

It begins again, a phone call from the FBI wanting to meet up and talk, this should be fun.

So we all turn up, except for Ethan he’s out doing his own thing.
The briefing begins from another agent put in charge, with a couple of new faces added to the mix. The agent in charge wants us to look into Vampire Hunters, not sure why they cant get off there arses and do it, but hey lets see were this leads. The agent leaves the room and locks us in untill we come up with a plan. Fuckers really need to work on there hospitality. Once a plan was devised we were on our way to go and search out a Vampire Haven to see what information they had.
So we get there meet the Clerk, then some other Vampires, i then found myself really interest in Frank for some reason, not sure what the hell that was all about. Once things got back to normal ( Hmm, normal now that would be nice ) and the meeting comes to an end we say our fare wells, and begin to leave, but Frank starts acting strange and wants to follow the lady instead. We tried reasoning with him but we could’nt snap him out of it, so Kaleb had to restrain him. While me and Brian the vampire head down the hallway, 2 vamps come out from one of the side rooms and head towards us, from the room i catch a climps of someone knelling with someone standing over them with a red mist between them, which is interesting but with one of the vamps heading towards us it was time to back away.

Vampo 1 (Luke)

The first day started out as any other and it wouldve if but for one thing..
The call from upstairs changed everything. With minimum prep i was ushered into a windowless room where sat the other invited. There in his regal glory was none other that Frank.Frank the Man , the fuck ya Vote for Me – click click Frank.

Along side was none other than his uber number 1 guard, Kaleb the MMa monster. Wow this was sensational. Startlement showed even through my usual aplomb.Luckily the guests were suitably self indulgent and seemingly bared notice of my existence. The Job was presented by 2 goons from higher up and their head empty do it squad. The report in possible perp action linking the hit squads to The kingdom had been greenlighted to go ahead and implement.My facade

crumbled at hearing action on strategies that linked to an agenda I had been working on. Particularly the tech upgrades of anti faerie/feral ammunition that me and a couple of pals had nicknamed operation “Light up the Horde”. The alpha testing on shotgun ammo was having some pleasing results..
I was proud of my achievement

Anyway the suits vacated the room making it clear we were to stay until resolution was made. After copious amounts of inane conversation that was always fabulous when made by Frank the decision was made to drop by and have a little investigative chat. On The kingdom.

After arrangements were made by the boring domicile that poured falseness over the internet we were instructed to all go. This was actual field work. This was gonna be cool.
Checking out the think tank science nerd from over yonder and the dont fuck me off kinda teacher I realized this was either going to be one FUBr scenario or some crackpot with power had hit the jackpot. About to leave I carefully check my piece and more importantly what was feeding it. Just in case I needed i had it up front and centre.Standing up I am presented with a sense of disquiet about what is about to unfold

Upon arriving we are gooed and gaared at (well we being mainly 1) and led to soft cushions and soft promises. The disquiet become a hum. Nutrients were presented and to my
horror and desire the taste I never thought would slide across my palate did that and hit the Alert Button. It was genuine Eden Liquid. Stunned I look ay my colleagues as they all look unawares. Gathering together I sort out all the reasons, implications and possibilities. The process starts to derail when the secondary effect of Claret No1 rolls on through.Oh the sublime and the shame. When the Head Bitch is just about to lead us to Him I seize through the befuddlement and launch the first shot I could access.

“Are you some way responsible or linked in with the …. attacks” followed by “..after all this is real blood you have served us isnt it…” Ooooops

Shit gets real and through the layers of emotion the unthinkable was focused on. Frank, who had just previous turned the charm factor 9 switch on, was being mesmerized out of our protection. I grab his jacket which he skillfully leaves in my clutches and moves to step through the doorway and into hell with the promises of heaven I had no doubt.I step after him going through the presented risk factors and prepared my options. Exploding with physical preeminence Kaleb envelops Frank and stops him like space holding on to a space man with his ass stuck out the ship. All the infernal powers he had were ineffectual. Like pebbles on a wall. Cept Vampires arent good at constrained from what we really want to do and at that moment he wanted his ass to follow hers. Glancing past I still shot in my head the image of what was waiting his arrival.Choosing the incorrect way to enter, two soldiers advance through intent in confirming their prey..

The image will stay on how an infernal can literally suck the essence of a warm blooded. Inhaling the force of a man like a coke head nosing through a line.
Shit got real. Pulling out my side arm I bring to stance and present the call of the Law. Ignoring my command (and me in general) they key in on Frank. Who is about to go Vampires
version of a Hulk and not Gang am style. Checking my gun is good to go I bring it to bare..

Worst Day Ever Again (Frank)
why Frank Tepisco?

The night started out with a small annoyance, the phone went and woke me from my slumber it was the FBI wanting to meet up and talk, it has only been 10 years since that last had happened so could not be any thing bad could it? or had they finally found information on Xynith and needed my testimony to crush them?

It went from a small annoyance to being rather putout when i was locked in a FBI room with the old crowd from 10 years ago and two new vampires i had never herd of, was then forced to take action on Vampire Hunters that had been plaguing the city for the past few years( well of course its our job to do this not the local police or FBI!)
if it was going to help my case against Xynith i would have to go along with it.

The new Group minus the actual FBI representative decided to go and search out the newly formed Vampire Haven to see what information they had, and to see if we could exchange notes, this at the time seamed like a good idea, how wrong can one or more Vampires be?

After meeting the Vampire Haven Clerk and applying a small amount of charm things looked like they would move along quite smoothly, she rushed off to get the more important people to talk to.
so i relaxed and was happy to sit back and see how these new members handled themselves as a bit of a test.
Next thing i can remember is i really wanted to go with this new lady that looked so so good and join what ever she wanted me to join because she was good so so good.
then things went Bad and when i say Bad it means in no particular order "Fan,The,Hit,Has,Shit,The.
i was attacked by my own Friends ( i now use the term friends loosely)
i was restrained and all i could hear was “i’m going to kill you” sounds of guns cocking, angry growling, confusion and panic, and all i wanted to do was join whatever she wanted me to, not a big deal!.
Memory going fuzzy now will carry this on at a later date must sleep now.


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