Hawkes Bay Vampire

The Death and Times of Kaleb

I got this message to go to some address for a meeting. I remember this old prick that wouldn’t stop smiling at me. There was others there I won’t mention names cause one was a senator and shit and its not my place to out people. Next thing I know I am buried in the fucking ground… shit sorry I shouldn’t say fucking here should I? Anyway I dug myself out and was in the basement of some fuck… shit… um a church. The others were with me and they had been buried too. Anyway we eventually escaped the room we were in only to be confronted by Fucking Zombies… yeah I was like what the fuck?… Are we in the Walking Dead shit?… So we managed to kill them and we had a bit of a snack which caused me and the others to vomit a wee bit. Should looked at the Best Before Date I guess… Anyway we decided to find out what the hell was going on… That was how I was turned.

It was an FBI Agent that provided the direction we required. His report led to us being introduced to the small branch led by Special Agent Hank Maddison, tasked with investigating the supernatural. The agent was transferred to the new team and the rest of us were hired as consultants. We were introduced to Armand Jeancleu as another consultant that could potentially assist them.

Several cases were dealt with, but the one that stood out was a house which was described as simply strange. With the help of the resident mage, Gordon Henderson, we were able to get into the house, only to find that once past some sort of mystical barrier, the house was clad in skin. After a few fights we found ourselves on large stone tables, tubes connecting all of them.

We managed to escape with the help of Tess Barclay and Reverend Mercer, both of whom were spirits. Once the we escaped the house, we found the bodies of both on the floor next to them when we woke up.

One clue kept popping up however. Xenith.

Jimmy Hand was the public face of Xenith. They had a bill in motion going through government that would allow them to mass produce cloned bodies that produced blood for the vampire society. It was a bloody good idea (bloody get the dad joke huh huh?) But the fucking stupid politicians voted it down it could have saved a whole world of issues that now started to manifest because supernaturals would have been able to feed with no threat to humanity…Short Sighted Bastards…

We also me with Caroline Montague, the seneshal of The Kingdom. That place sucked. Too many rules and weirdo’s. We had a little scuffle with some of the resident nutters : Chelsea Surtees, Connor Surtees and Corban Surtees.

We eventually infiltrated Xenith and freed a Powerful Vampire who was being experimented on. That may have been a mistake but our intentions were good.

Since then the guys and I have become a little bit like a family I guess… yeah they might piss me off at times but anyone else try and fuck with them and watch out you gotta answer to me… We had that TV interview that turned to shit… some terrorist werepupppies tried to cause some shit… I got into a bit of trouble for killing one and throwing him across the room at his mate on live TV… despite saving everyones lives…Anyway we did some work for the FBI… Thats all confidential shit so I cant tell you much…

After that I started fighting in the MMA ring again… I managed to start winning a few fights and make some money. I need heaps cause as the old saying goes you are a long time dead and since I am technically dead I guess I will never be able to claim superannuation…

I spent the next few years doing shit in the community, you know working security for free at community events etc I was really enjoying having Joe public start to trust me again… Those that know me I think realised that I was only trying to do the right thing when put that little dog down… its come in quite handy really. I have a following of people who supply me with nourishment voluntarily… enough that I keep some on tap at home and can take a few flagons with me on the road.

After about 10 years we got invited to Xenith. Corporations have taken over the world. Security is in the hands of massive companies, including the likes of the former FBI. Xenith have come back from the failure of ten years ago to become one the most dominant of the multi-nationals.

Nicholas Blewett (Xenith CEO) had a job for us. He felt that ourr previous history would allow us to get closer to his brother. His brother, Ashton Van Merwe, who we rescued from the glass coffin ten long years ago. The same dude who now runs the The Kingdom ahh fuck. The message is simple. Find the brother, make an apology, make an alliance, do whatever needs to be done to bring the feud to an end. While we were there Xenith got attacked and we had to fight our way out.

The Prince (Ashton) agreed to meet at our home in an hour. It was a short meeting cause he was a prick. He tricked us into touching his magic sword which sent us time hopping like some bad Quantum Leap rerun. After many fights and jumps we found a dead Vampire that may have been another brother of the 2 feuding vampires. Oh and we found a vidoe that appears to show the appearance of the Four Horseman of the Apocolypse.

Since then the world turned to shit in a handbasket again. The Corporations that now run the world have basically decided that us Supernaturals should all die or just fuck off to some area where we will not “infect” humans. I still do some consultancy work for what was the FBI Supernatural Division which offers a certain amount of protection, but I reckon they would sell me down the river if it suited their needs. My ex-flatmate Ethan Harper still works there. Hopefully he would give me the heads up if something was to go down, afterall I have saved his life on numerous occasions. I have been defending my MMA title every now and again. Off course just because its an underground scene now doesnt make it any less popular. There is a lot of chatter out there at the moment that either myself or that dog freak will try and unify the titles. Maybe one day I will but i will need to study the others first. I will try and keep my fights to a minimum while I study them to give them less opportunity to do the same. I think I may even study a new fighting style but refrain from using it so that it is a surprise should that Mutt challenge me. I have also started up my own stable of fighters it could be fun to get into management and retire. I am looking at recruiting Humans mainly. If I can prove that I am not a monster to some then maybe just maybe I can do my part in getting Supernaturals considered as we should be as equals to humans and not a virus or threat. Yes some will always be a threat but history is littered with humans who threatened humanity… Hitler…That Korean dude Kim… Trump… Osama Bin Laden…. Supernaturals had been around for years during that time and none did the shit those guys did.
Don’t tell anyone but I have been doing a bit of social work for Vicar Catherine aswell just meeting with children etc at Sunday School to show them that not all supernaturals are a threat, again Baby steps.
You know this could probably have all been avoided if Frank “I will never vote for him” Tepesko had voted in favour of the artificial food bags for us Vamps. People would not have seen as as a threat.

Anyway let us see what happens next…….

to be continued

Frank raps up his life so far
and death

Frank Tepesko


Background: Born Franklin Peskeletto Tespesko he soon adopted
the name Frank Tespesko as he thought at a young age Franklin was terribly gay.

Even from young age Frank was adept at manipulating people (in a
good way of course) or outright out talking them to see his point of view.

This naturally led to frank becoming class rep in primary
school, Intermediate school Class leader, and high school student/teacher representative.

Frank at the age of 18 went to University to study law. After a
few years it was clear that he should start a career in politics as he was much better at manipulating the law to suit his needs than the actual truth. Law it turns out was not for Frank


Frank Thrived in politics and to Frank any vote he could get was a good vote. This led him to a night that would change his life forever.

Frank not outright religious was invited to a meeting on Thursday 19:30 PM at the New Christian Order House.

Frank not to turn away a possible vote he went along. After being greeted at the door by a man that never stopped smiling
The Smiling Man
and could not talk Frank felt this might be the creepiest hour ( was hoping it was going to be an hour) he was ever to live through( sadly enough this was the last hour he would ever live through)

These are some of the records found showing Frank was going to have to change a lot about how he lived his life.

Saturday 900pm – Must remember this date something strange has happened to me woke up in ground inside new Christian orders Church, need to spin if is negative press, people must not find out.

Sunday 700am – Possibly Vampire sun hurts can’t stay awake. Why would Christians do this?

Sunday 600pm – I am, will need to spin if people find out How will I go into work tomorrow.

Sunday 900pm – Remember 428A Valery St place to get blood, or refuge if stuck.

Wednesday 600pm – Talk show about personal human blood vending machine – vote no. (but would be so convent at the moment

Wednesday 900pm – Attacked on live Talk show by Werewolf’s must find out more info. Someone is plotting against me.

Monday 700pm – Shoot at 43 Vigor st

Friday 800pm – Go to Meeting house of New Christian Order to find out what and why this has happened to me

Monday 946pm – Xenith its all them….why?


Franks first few years were a struggle for him. He was new the world of darkness and finding out how to use the supernatural powers taxed him.

That on top of people and supernatural’s trying to kill him, walking into houses made of skin, Smiley man abomination trying to kill us, Being placed on a slab with his team being transfused with each other, letting loose a very old very powerful vampire, he could have very easily called it quits then and there but it was the question that dived Frank onwards.  Why?

Frank was dead set on Xynith he was sure it was them and he tried with all of his power to make them pay for what they had done to him.

Again here is a passage from Franks personal Diary:

The night started out with a small annoyance, the phone went and woke me from my slumber. It was the FBI wanting to meet up and talk, it has only been 10 years since that last had happened so could not be anything bad could it? or had they finally found information on Xynith and needed my testimony to crush them?

It went from a small annoyance to being rather putout when I was locked in a FBI room with the old crowd from 10 years ago and two new vampires I had never heard of.

I was then forced to take action on Vampire Hunters that had been plaguing the city for the past few years( well of course it’s our job to do this not the local police or FBI!)

If it was going to help my case against Xynith I would have to go along with it. SIGH

The new Group minus the actual FBI representative decided to go and search out the newly formed Vampire Haven to see what information they had, and to see if we could exchange notes, this at the time seemed like a good idea, how wrong can one or more Vampires be?.

This Meeting would turn out to be more important to Frank than he initially gave it credit.

Franks personal diary entry:

After meeting the Vampire Haven Clerk and applying a small amount of charm things looked like they would move along quite smoothly, she rushed off to get the more important people to talk to. This made me happy.

So I relaxed and was happy to sit back and see how these new members handled themselves as a bit of a test.

Next thing I can remember is I really wanted to go with this new lady that looked so so good and join whatever she wanted me to join in on because she was good so so good.

Then things went Bad and when I say Bad it means in no particular order "Fan,The,Hit,Has,Shit,The. 

I was attacked by my own Friends ( I now use the term friends loosely)

I was restrained and all I could hear was “I’m going to kill you” sounds of guns cocking, angry growling, confusion and panic, and all I wanted to do was join whatever she wanted me to, not a big deal!.

Memory going fuzzy now will carry this on at a later date must sleep now.

Frank was beaten at his own game – something he would try to never let happen to him again.

And let us just say the first meeting with the Kingdom did not go so well. They were on their own looking for the Hunters.

As it turns out Frank and his party were led to a factory and the factory was part of Xynith. Dam suspicious.

Right after the factory and the fight with another werewolf Frank (according to phone records) received a call from the newly formed Kingdom wishing to formally thank him (as it turns out for releasing Their Prince from a cage in Xynith) Frank did not know this at the time.

It is said then when Frank has any chance in trying to be on top he takes it. This occasion was no different. According to an eye witness of this phone call between the Kingdom and Frank it went like this:

Oooooooooo he (the prince) would like US to come and see him. Well you can tell him I will be happy to recive His Princeness at my house at our earliest convince ( massive smug look on Franks face)

It is then said that a look of shock appeared on Franks face and for the first time in his life Frank was lost for words. The reply from Frank’s demand was “Sure he will be there in one Hour”. Frank could only muster a (Huh…ok).

 Ashton Van Merwe

Frank awaited his “Thanks Frank Your a great chap and I give to you my eternal Gratitude” for no good reason Frank could think of but was willing to accept it from an obvious powerful man.

Gifts in the Vampire community are let’s just say not so giftey.

Frank was told that the man trapped in Xynith 10 years ago was the prince and that he was happy to be released. ( Frank after time to think on this is why was he trapped there in the first place and after some time and knowledge came is was why was he trapped there under Xynith by his brother??? And not released)

Frank ready to accept his gift was told to touch a sword that the prince produced “Flash of white and Frank was no longer in his lovely apartment anymore”.


Frank did not talk much about what the gift was but here is a synopsis pieced together from notes and hacked computer files from his associates at the time.

Back in time 4000 years witness to a battle.

Meet powerful Vampire (was a young Prince of the kingdom only spoke French) seen is 1500 years ago at his creation.

Travel 1940s New York Xynith is here must go investigate. Found Bible from opposite point of view from the new church attacked by mutilated humans/vampires/monsters. Computer found Prince has Brother bad lab accident.

War time in swampy area in a Tank found Princes brother – he runs Xynith.
Nicholas Blewett

Roman Times about to die by way of spears to the body.

Egypt long long time ago. Female has important scepter. We are prophecy, taken underground to see symbols on ground.

Same location different time: have the scepter no idea how to use. Find some Vampires that have just been turned into vampires. 1 is Xynith, sleep in small room wake up with statue.. ? Prince was in front of us the whole time just something called fleshcrafted now. 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are real and the scepter was the princes Sword all the time. Prince has 2 brothers not 1

Last entry of this confusing time was from Frank himself and he let this be publicly known.

Prince is an asshole! (reports say Frank then muttered some more words but it has never been conformed)  it is said to be “stab me with the sword . you bastard”

Things were not going well for Frank.

The prince wanted frank to kill his brothers minions for him, the Church had been swayed by the Prince, the FBI / One of the princes Brothers wanted Frank to bring bad people to justice for them.

Ah shit.


Xynith was the next logical place for Frank to go since he had no idea of their intentions.

After some aggressive negotiations Frank is  introduced to the CEO of Xynith. Frank finds out the name of his maker Seith
Akhem Silsi

and Xynith is trying to make a world where supernatural’s and humans can live together.

Frank formed a bond with Xynith that day.

It led to Frank tracking down Seith and finding him Destroyed before he could get to him… was this the work of the Four Horse men ?? Frank would make it mission to find out as to thank whoever did this.

In the last 15 years Frank has not gotten any further in his investigations into the death of Seith.

Cast out of politics 25 years ago Frank is feeling the itch to get back into the game.

He has continued to work with Xynith and has seen them rise in power and influence.

He did send a Text to the Prince to say 1 down but he does think that he may already know that his brother is dead dead.

The Church is still a vital part of Franks life and he has been meeting regularly with the head of the order to further his knowledge
Vicar Catherine Gerwin
But what Frank needs to know is still the same. It has been eating away at him from the very start. Seith as far has he knows is the one that made him and placed him below the Church that night.

But WHY?

Frank had been told why he just forgo: leaders on our field turned to make more money for xynith, but xynith told Frank seith changed him. So Frank keeps his friends close and his enemy’s closer.

If I have to do the talking we are fucked

So we reported what we saw to Xenith Brother and got another location to investigate. Some city Council workers were there and Frank totally fucked up his mind games which meant a simple trip down a ladder took most of the night. I nearly bluffed the guy into thinking we should be there but for some reason he didn’t quite believe me. Then Talia she with the blessed tits tried to knock out one of the council workers just to give him an egg on his head and make him a bit more angry. Ohh well eventually we found something down a couple of levels we shall see what it is. I feel a bit of a scrap coming on…

Fucking werewolf

So we are outside the cannery then things go black…

as i come to and pick myself up i see a werewolf, it would appear i just got knocked the fuck out,
OUCH. I see Kaleb jump into action and realize how big this thing is, after we subdue the beast i take a breath so to speak, only to be grabbed like a rag doll by Kaleb as he starts to frenzy.

Thankfully Frank was on hand to get Kaleb back under control and Ethan who managed to get handcuffs on the big guy.

As the dust settles we find a secret entrance, there were a few traps and locked doors, Ethan was able to disarm and pick and we made our way into a room with screens connected to a surveillance system, so it would appear someone is watching the cannery we are just not sure why or who. Ethan also came across a coffin with his aura perception which no one else could see cos it was invisible, after checking inside there no one home. Ethan plants some surveillance of our own, which Kaleb finds and Luke does his computer thing so we can keep an eye on who ever it is that is watching the cannery.

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

Fucking Werepuppy attacked us while we was looking around some of the Xenith buildings. He tasted quite nice but fuck me if I remember what happened after that. Supposedly I just about tore up my mates. Thankfully Frank managed to use his mumbo jumbo bullshit on me and stopped me long enough for me to get back under control.
We then found a trap door followed by some traps, yup fucking booby traps. Fucking wanker using traps… I mean someone could have lost an eye or something. Found a room with lots of monitors and an invisible stone coffin some beds but no wanker brother.

Paladin Field Report 12477-A (Ethan)

While investigating the outside of the cannery we were attacked by a werewolf. The vicious beast tore into Talia and Kaleb before they were eventually able to subdue it. It didn’t react to demands for it to stop (though luckily that worked on Kaleb when he got a little carried away and I had to ensure he wasn’t a threat to the party or himself).

We found a secret entrance that lead to a room below the cannery. There were several traps and a locked door we had to avoid, but luckily no more werewolves. In fact there were no other occupants present, though we did find multiple cots, and a coffin, that suggested multiple people had stayed there at the same time.

The coffin itself was interesting as a magic spell had made it invisible, and I was only able to detect it with my aura perception. Certainly a smart way for a vampire to hide.

The room had computers with several screens connected to surveillance camers situated all through the cannery. Clearly someone had the cannery under observation, though we have no idea what for. #REDACTED# downloaded the camera footage so that he can sift through it to see if there is anything unusual on there.

Well, that’s my report, hope you’ll believe this one, cause it’s true… just like all the others.

Not that I care, I’ve had a better offer and I’ve seen enough of werewolves to know I don’t want to work for them. My resignation will be filed tomorrow.

Fift Fift Fift Bad Vampire

So after picking ourselves up and working out that the noise was our back up or maybe it was a rescue, Im going with back up im sure we could have taken those guys. We meet with our back up who took us to a room were we got to meet Xynith owner Nicholas. Turned out it was’nt him after us it was his brother, after the talks had ended i get handed a folder, after all these years of thinking my mother was killed in a car accident, she was, but it was no accident so when i get time i shall investicate that further, and they will pay. In the mean time its off to get hammered, which didnt take long for me, must be a light wieght.

So after the hangover passes we make plans to visit the can factory as inspectors, after finding nothing inside we head outside to have a look around, here’s hoping we find spmething…

Frank change's his mind
Xynith is the best

We pick ourselves up of the ground after the grenade explosion, there to greet us was a sergeant or corporal or something telling us to please follow him.

he took us to a room where we were finally introduced to the CEO of Xynith ( frank builds up rage )
he explanes that he never turned us it was his brother Seith he never attacked us it was his brother Seith and that he is trying to get to world where Vampires and humans can co-exist together.

Well i take it all back Xynith is the best Company ever the C.E.O is “The Man” and would be happy to call myself his “Bitch”
If there was anything he wanted or to ask of me i would do it happily.
His two brothers on the other hand can go sit and spin.

After talking with Mr Xynith i was happy to track down Seith’s Minions and bring them to Justice as was the wishes of Mr Xynith " The Man " and not because of his Brother Mr Douche Bag Prince’s orders.

To celebrate we went to a bar and some of us over indulged but all had a good time.

The next night we were on the hunt at the Can factory as “inspectors” but nothing has come of our investigations as of yet.

First day working for Paladin (Ethan)

Well at least it seems Xenith does like us, despite what Tepesko keeps saying. They sent some of their guards, to take care of the turncoat guards that were attacking us… though they were mostly just providing a mobile buffet table for Kaleb.

They were able to sort out Jimmy too, luckily. Not sure how they felt about Tepesko’s… intervention. Turns out he’s a ghoul, after all, so we didn’t need to worry so much.

We finally got the chance to have a proper sit down with Nicholas and gets some answers finally. For a start, it turns out his name isn’t Mr. Xenith. It looks like what is happening is some sort of cold war between vampire factions, that is rapidly warming each day. Nicholas considers himself a Promethean, and thus believes in vampires cohabiting with humans in peace. This definitely seems the faction I agree with the most so I see no problem in helping Xenith, while also trying to complete Paladin’s task.

Nicholas then threw me a bit of a curve-ball, by offering me a job, and letting me figure out what I want the job to be. Complete freedom is attractive… but do I want to sell out and go corporate, when I really want to uphold the law. With the FBI replaced by Paladin though, I don’t know which job I’m even talking about now. I also really need to find out how to spell Xenith if I’m going to work for them.

We decided to pursue the Xenith cannery angle, as we knew Seth’s minions had a base underneath it. We posed as inspectors and had a thorough search of the building, as well as it’s computers, and couldn’t find anything linking the cannery to Seth. We then took our search outside…

Farts Farts and more Farts

So the Fift Fift Fift noise was Nicholas sending in his troops to rescue us from Seths troops. Turns out Nicholas is the Good brother, not the insane brother (Ashton the Prince) or the homicidal brother (Seth). Nicholas is promethian and believes in Humans and Vampires living side by side.
We then stopped at my new local to have a drink and recuperate. Great bar!!! I got a new sponsorship from Zenith made my manager happy. We went to the Canning plant again cause Seth has a base underneath it posing as Inspectors. I told the secretary I was working as an employee of Zenith as part of my sponsorship deal as it helped with the tax implications. Fuck knows if the secretary believed me.


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