Wes Hall

Primogen of The Kingdom


An older man going to fat, it’s his face that tells the story most of all. Had he not become a vampire, he would have developed a substantial paunch, double or even triple chins and begun to waddle. Timing proved everything. He’s now a plump man, but, his appetite has not diminished through his change.

Face model – Tim Curry


Current: Of all the Primogen, the most easily ignored. His primary needs are fulfilling his vices, of which greed is paramount. Possessions, food (now in the form of blood) and women has kept him busy (and occupied) since he has turned.

The role of Primogen was given to him by Chelsea Surtees as a means to a easily manipulated patsy when required. His thoughts are given to him by Chelsea. As long as Chelsea keeps feeding his vices, she has a simple vote at her very fingertips.

Wes Hall

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