Vicar Catherine Gerwin

Current head of The New Order of Christ


The vicar at the church the players found themselves in.

Vicar Catherine has been leading the church over the years. Her title has remained the same, even though the church has practically begged her to take a new title, more in line with her status, but she believes in the people very strongly and feels that she is more approachable as she is.

The church has focused on non-exclusion under her guidance and now numbers many supernaturals as part of the clergy and flock. Even the damned want to feel part of something greater than themselves.

Face Model: Dawn French


Current: Vicar Catherine has maintained her hold on the leadership of the New Order of Christ. not through political machinations or threats and bribes, but through sheer good will. She tireless champions causes of all shapes and sizes from homeless to supernatural.

She was late middle aged when the Church really came into being, and has aged considerably in the meantime. She is still a large woman, but her health is beginning to fail and there are plenty who would like her to step down. Some for her health, and others for the position of power she would vacate.

Vicar Catherine Gerwin

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