Tracy Upton

Primogen of The Kingdom


Cute, quirky, insane. Don’t fuck with her. Don’t ignore her. Stay the hell away from her and hope that she doesn’t notice you.

She is well known for escaping an asylum and when the government tried to take her back, she tore them to pieces, drained their blood and danced on their corpses. Ashton simply walked up, beckoned her and she followed. Nobody has bothered to get her since, figuring that she is better off somebody elses problem.

How this translated into a position of power in the Kingdom is yet unknown, but she continues to survive and even thrive.

Face model – Mary Louise Parker


Current: While the power of the Primogen has waned over the last few years, this has had little impact on Tracy. Because she’s insane, her influence is very similar to what it was prior to Caroline and Chelsea making grabs for power. Most vampires give her a fairly wide berth, and when they do talk to her, they tend to be quite deferential.

The situation outside of Sanctuary however, suits her perfectly. Vampires are being called monsters again, so she embraces the good life and feels free to kill, drain and generally play as she sees fit. This had made her a high priority target whenever she leaves the safety of Sanctuary.

Tracy Upton

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