Special Agent Lawrence Rowe

Team Leader in the FBI Supernatural Division


A young looking man in his late twenties. Nobody is really sure of his age as he doesn’t appear to have aged since starting the division alongside Special Agent Maddison.

Face model – Jay Baruchel


There are few that know what Lawrence Rowe does, but his knowledge of the supernatural is all but unsurpassed.

He is a charming, unsuspecting man that most would dismiss quickly, but somehow, he’s made his way up the ranks of the FBI-turned-Paladin Supernatural Division and is the current Team Leader.

Strangely enough, he didn’t compete for the role above his, content to let Special Agent Ethan Harper take the job. Something about all good things come in time.

He specialises in physical magics and controls his body incredibly well. It is in thanks to his specialised study of magic that he has remained as youthful as he has.

Special Agent Lawrence Rowe

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