Sean Gunderson

Primogen of The Kingdom


Sean has been around for as long supernaturals have been showing up. He was one of the first vampires to spontaneously develop, and he certainly looks worse for wear. Never a good looking man to begin with, his flesh fell away, his body became skeletal and teeth more pronounced. He never truly mastered the obfuscate, so his masks are always still of very ordinary looking men. Most of the time, he is only able to really hold onto one form, so he uses that in public, but immediately drops it when he can.

That aside, people shouldn’t be fooled. He reached the Primogen status for a reason. His knowledge of surviving in a hostile environment and turning that to an advantage has proved a valuable skill and Prince Ashton acknowledges it.

Face model – Steve Buscemi


Current: As the Primogen fight for the scraps of power that fall from the table of Caroline and Chelsea, Sean has scrabbled to survive.

He has done what he does best and kept to the shadows, maintaining what little influence is left to him and survived. Nominally the spokesperson for the sect of the downtrodden within The Kingdom, he has taught his allies to work as he does, in the quiet back rooms.

His is the arm of the Kingdom that gathers the information, and through the control of this, he manipulates situations for his benefit as much as he can before fear of Caroline and Chelsea force him into giving them what they want.

Sean Gunderson

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