Current CFC Werewolf Champion


A massive beast of a werewolf, even for them, he stays in his war form almost constantly. Shaggy, brown fur droops of him in clumps, much of it missing from the multitude of fights he has had.

Face model – Lycan from Underworld


Current: As he spends almost all his time in the werewolf war form, very little is known about him. He isn’t particularly articulate anyway, so this suits him just fine. He lives his life close to the edge of rage moment to moment, and the CFC allows him the violent release he so obviously craves.

His fighting style is crude, fast and effective. Many werewolves fight the same way when lost to rage, but Romulus uses his generally larger size to his advantage as often as he can.

It is common gossip that either Kaleb Marcelos or Romulus will be the first to try and unify the belts.


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