Nicholas Blewett

CEO of Xenith Corporation


Nicholas has been around for a while. He looks careworn and a little worse for wear. Always polite, dressed well, carries himself well, he still looks and sounds a little tired. It’s not until one notices his eyes that a spark can be seen. His body almost appears to be a shell struggling to contain a spirit with incredible strength and vigor.

He’s smart, personable and comes across as genuinely nice. Somehow seems to find time to talk to everybody he meets, it is a wonder that he hasn’t been really noticed much before now.

As the CEO, he has been running Xenith for nearly fifteen years. He hired Carrie Nichol to look after the business on a more fundamental level and has decided in the last six years to really get out and focus on ideas, meeting people, looking after the communities, sponsoring groups, giving public speeches and generally promoting himself and Xenith.

Simply put, Xenith has thrived.

Face model – Kevin Bacon


Current: Nicholas has simply continued his philanthropic ways, building Xenith into a global corporation that has one of the best reputations on the planet. They’ve been seen to support all the right causes, help the right people and continue to be the stand out for showing themselves to be good corporate citizens.

Away from the public eye, Nicholas focuses on only one thing. The Four Horsemen. No other corp has actively used runners as much as Xenith has, and this it all down to Nicholas’ desire to find a solution to a problem he and his brothers created.

He has reached out to Ashton numerous times over the last ten years, but has been rebuffed each time. He understands the treatment of Ashton as a conscripted guinea pig has soured their relationship, but with the death of their other brother to the Four Horsemen, he is attempting to consolidate power and bring all vampires into the fold.

He has a pet runner team consisting of Frank Tepesco, Kaleb Marcelos, Talia and Ethan Harper. They have run successful missions for him before and have been heavily involved with Xenith (Ethan Hunt is a direct employee through the Xenith subsidiary, Paladin Technology). Whenever there is something important happening, Nicholas requests this team first.

Nicholas Blewett

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