Michelle Ericsson

Herald of The Kingdom


Depending on how she chooses to present herself, she is either horrid (in her normal nosferatu form), or a business like, strong featured woman. She makes no secret that she is not a particularly old vampire, but her communications skills are superb, and in this day and age, that counts for a lot in a society seeking to establish itself.

Face model – Lili Taylor


Current: Michelle is almost the sole reason for Sanctuary. Her role at The Kingdom was to grow their numbers, and her marketing and communication skills have succeeded in a time where fear and distrust runs rife.

She has focused on those middle vampires, somewhere between being happy and safe (often the same thing in these times) and those too disgusted with society (who are starting to end up more and more as members of the Nighthawks), swaying them to a more extremist stance with carefully veiled honesty, bribes and threats.

In this climate, it is frequently the careful release of information to fellow vampires that wins them over. Regardless how she does it, she has grown The Kingdom into a force of vampires nearly 5,000 strong from a fledgling cult of less than 30 members.

Michelle Ericsson

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