Kaleb "Wild Thing" Marcelos

Vampire MMA Fighter


As a human Kaleb was a MMA fighter who was on the verge of some major fights. He had not quite broken through though.
No family Kaleb was brought up through the foster system and moved from home to home until at 18 he was cast adrift by the system.
He does not tolerate bullies and alike and believes it is his responsibility to try and protect those who cant protect themselves.
Current MMA Vampire Division World Champ


Wow so uhh I gotta tell you my life story huh. Well I don’t have any family. I lived in foster families growing up. I got picked on as a kid cause I was quite weedy. Yeah seriously I had spagetti noodles for arms and shit. Then in one of the families I was living with the Dad… his name was Mark showed me a few moves and got me working out of his home gym settup. I really loved working out and it was my way of zoning out all the bad shit in my life. Eventually by the time I turned 18 I was no longer a weedy little runt. But yeah I didn’t have many skills or any cash when I was told that I was now an adult and not anyones problem any more… My first job was on the back of a grabage truck and I lived in a real dive of an apartment. The rats were bigger than some of the local dogs. I got into some real low grade MMA fights and managed to make a little bit of money. Now these fights were barely legal. If you won you earnt a few hundred bucks. I remember one fight i came up against this guy who I was in a foster home with. He was a real bully back then. He didnt remember who I was but I remembered him and what he did to us smaller kids…I got him in an arm bar…he wont hurt anybody again. It felt good, pay back is a bitch I went nuts and that fight is probably the one that got me noticed by some legit managers and definately earnt me my fighting name… Anyway I gradually made a name for myself in MMA and was on the verge of a world title shot when I got this message to go to some address for a meeting. I remember this old prick that wouldn’t stop smiling at me. There was others there I won’t mention names cause one was a senator and shit and its not my place to out people. Next thing I know I am buried in the fucking ground… shit sorry I shouldnt say fucking here should I? Anyway I dug myself out and was in the basement of some fuck… shit… um a church. The others were with me and they had been buried too. Anyway we eventually escaped the room we were in only to be confronted by Fucking Zombies… yeah I was like what the fuck?… Are we in the Walking Dead shit?… So we managed to kill them and we had a bit of a snack which caused me and the others to vomit a wee bit. Should looked at the Best Before Date I guess… Anyway we decided to find out what the hell was going on… That was how I was turned. Since then the guys and I have become a little bit like a family I guess… yeah they might piss me off at times but anyone else try and fuck with them and watch out you gotta answer to me… We had that TV interview that turned to shit… some terrorist werepupppies tried to cause some shit… I got into a bit of trouble for killing one and throwing him across the room at his mate on live TV… despite saving everyones lives…Anyway we did some work for the FBI… Thats all confidential shit so I cant tell you much… Since then I have been fighting in the MMA ring again… I have managed to start winning a few fights and am making some money. I am gunna need heaps cause as the old saying goes you are a long time dead and since I am technically dead I guess I will never be able to claim superannuation… I am still a long way away from any title shot… But hey I got heaps of time I spose… I have spent the last few years doing shit in the community, you know working security for free at community events etc I really am enjoying having Joe public start to trust me again… Those that no me I think realise that I was only trying to do the right thing when put that little dog down… its come in quite handy really I have a following of people who supply me with nourishment voluntarily… enough that I keep some on tap at home and can take a few flagons with me on the road…and yeah here I am. Thats my story pretty much…

Well things have changed in the pasy few months… I got a Title Shot and guess what… I made the champ tap out 40 seconds into the first round. So I am now the new MMA Vampire Division World Champ. Who wouldda thought huh. Me with my fucked up life and now unlife a world champ. Time to buy some new digs. Better see if my flat mate wants to come with. He hasnt been himself for a while I think he could do with the company.

Kaleb "Wild Thing" Marcelos

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