James (Jimmy) Hand

Media Liason for Xenith Enterprises


Jimmy is a good looking man, always immaculately dressed and groomed in a smart suit. He has a very easy manner and knows how to say the right thing while still giving the answers people want.

Since he has been with Xenith, their public image has improved as they have been seen to sponsor more charity events, put discretionary funding towards community events and the like.

In the past ten years, Jimmy has not aged, and his role within the company has grown to encompass the work that Tess Barclay used to do in marketing as well.

Face model: Aaron Eckhart


Jimmy has dealt with the players on a number of levels over the past couple of months. In some cases, merely to meet and greet, and in other cases, he has actually been the driving force behind allowing them into Xenith to prove that the work being done is all above board.

Current: Working for Xenith still, and is still the public face of the company. He seems to have lost some of his innate charm, however, the sheer force of his personality now makes up for it.

Having been turned into a vampire by Frank Tepesco, he wavers between hatred for making him into something evil and love for his sire. There is a bond there that Jimmy is not keen to explore, but he is starting to feel more and more drawn to Frank, calling him, texting him and emailing him regularly to both abuse him and beg forgiveness.

James (Jimmy) Hand

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