Helen Watson

Consultant mage for the FBI Supernatural Division.


An attractive blonde, Helen, tall for a woman, standing just under six foot tall. She clearly works out and looks great in fitted clothing.

Her magic tends to focus on tarot, prediction and the passing of time, both back and forward. It is for this reason she has been asked to be a consultant with the FBI. These magics allow her to add important knowledge to the forensics and profiling team members.

Face Model – Kristen Wiig


Current: Helen is the only one that Paladin are aware of that knows the whereabouts of Gordon Henderson. It is assumed that her powers are allowing her some form of communication since there is no trace of contact via phone, text or email.

Still works out and looks great for a woman in her early fifties. Her pre-cognitive powers have increased as she focuses on them. The past is more easily accessed by her than the future as that is mutable, but there have been a number of convictions on the evidence gathered by Helen when dipping into the past. Her particular talent has grown into touching an object and reading its history.

She actively works for the Supernatural Division, making most of her money through them as a consultant.

Helen Watson

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