Greg Foot

Primogen of The Kingdom


An unassuming man, his rise in power in The Kingdom was not seen as possible by many. Somehow he has climbed his way past others that would ordinarily have been more deserving, more powerful, more experience and simply older.

He looks mid forties, but people suspect otherwise, even though he is a vampire. There are suspicions that he was embraced before supernaturals became common knowledge. How else could he have reached a position of power? Skill clearly doesn’t means as much to vampires, but age and power do, surely…

Face model – Demian Bichir


Current: Being Primogen means less now due to the power struggle between Caroline and Chelsea, but Greg has proved to be the vampire with an ability to find a niche and fill it. He currently runs interference between Caroline and Chelsea, allowing him some of the former influence he once had, while attempting to stop the two powerful women pull The Kingdom, and therefore Sanctuary, apart.

Greg Foot

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