Gordon Henderson

Consultant mage for the FBI Supernatural Division.


Gordon has a talent for fire. He always has. It was something of a relief to finally realize he was one of the supernatural people. It explained why things kept happening to him and around him, but he had no control over the events. Fires started randomly, things burnt (money, newspapers etc).

As a slightly older man, he looks pretty relaxed and dresses casual. He is greying, and favours a tidy goatee.

He was introduced to the magics by Helen Watson, and she also got him a gig as an FBI consultant after she was asked to help. He specializes in the physical side of magic. Anything to do with force and magic, he has gift in understanding. This has led to several arrests due to the style of magic being evoked at the time of the crime being committed. It is almost as though the magic leaves a signature for Gordon to find.

Face model – Jeff Bridges


Current: Gordon has gone to ground over the last couple of years, with only Helen Watson having any regular contact. However, he has still managed to consult for the Supernatural Division on a regular basis.

All communication with him has been through Helen, but before he disappeared, he had aged only slightly, but had gotten very skinny. Not quite emancipated, but definitely a shadow of the man he once was.

Gordon Henderson

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