Ethan Harper

FBI agent turned vampire. Currently head of the Paladin Shadow Division.


FBI Personnel File: Special Agent Ethan Harper

Name: Ethan Harper
Rank: Special Agent
Agency #: 407488-B
Sex: Male
D.O.B.: 09/15/2242
Birthplace: Holliday, Texas

Nationality: Caucasian

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 175lb
Blood Type: A


Background and Personality Profile

Ethan Harper is the only child of the owners of a pub in a small rural town. From an early age he tested well beyond the expected academic levels of his age group. Upon determining there were no red flags in his family history, he was put on the recruitment watch list. His parents never noticed how easy it was to get scholarships for their son, and Ethan excelled at every activity he took up.

The death of Ethan’s parents, in the bombing that was blamed on the _________ terrorists, was required to push him to be interested in law enforcement. The FBI sponsored his tertiary education, where he proved to be extremely adept at forensic science, and ensured he felt  a deep loyalty to the bureau. Upon graduation from Quantico he will be given a position in the Laboratory Division. It is too early to say if he will be suitable for active field work as part of the Criminal Investigative Division.

Addendum: Ethan was recently involved in an incident classified level 7+. His status has changed to _______ and has been transferred to the ___________  Division. Legal status pending, due to law being still before congress.

Addendum 2: Legal proceedings were not followed up on as Ethan has left employment with the FBI, now the Paladin division. We have kept following him to ensure he is not going to become a problem. He has taken the position of Head of Security for Xenith. In response we have increased surveillance on Xenith as a corporation like that with someone of Ethan’s experience might seek to exploit agencies such as Paladin. For his part Ethan seems to be keeping his nose clean, he has invested in a local small family pub, though he rarely frequents it himself. Instead he seems to have focused on educating himself by taking several night-courses in a variety of topics, including corporate law, public speaking, and Italian cooking. His work at Xenith seems to be as some sort of problem-solver and he now finds himself in the position of coordinating multiple teams of corporate agents.


Psychological Report: Special Agent Ethan Harper

Attending Agent: Samuel Beckett, PhD, ABPP
Date: 06/23/2280

After examining Ethan for a long period in controlled environments I have found that he is still suffering from acute paranoia brought about during the Zenith incident 10 years ago. He continues to chase conspiracy theories and has been using the false name Avert Triumph to publish his delusions. It is unacceptable that an FBI agent is responsible for such articles as “The President Is A Ghoul”, “Director of FBI _________”, and his latest “Elysium Corporation: Mind Control or Blood Dependancy.”

It is my professional opinion that he is not ready to return to field work. In fact an effort should be made to reduce his interactions with the outside world. Especially in the case of Supervisory Special Agent Logan Grimm, who continues to fuel his paranoia.

I have included some excerpts from his latest publication, along with some of my notes on it, so that you may see how deluded he has become.

Elysium Corporation: Mind Control or Blood Dependency
by Avert Triumph

I have found that even corporations are now finding ways to exploit the supernatural for their own uses. A corporation known as Elysium Corp has been building a retinue, maybe even an army, out of the supernaturally challenged, mostly vampires. How they source these “people”, and how they are able to gain their loyalty, are mysteries still to be solved, though there are only a couple of likely ways.

The first is Mind Control. It is my belief that they have found a supernatural ability, possible based on real psychology, that gives the victims a feeling of dependency on the corporation. Given some of the staff they have at EC it is certainly likely that is something they were researching.

Clearly Ethan is delusional. He is now making up magic powers to explain things that don’t make sense. There is currently no evidence to suggest anyone possesses the supernatural ability to control peoples minds. – SB

The second is Blood Dependency. Vampires already have an addiction to a particular substance. I have found evidence suggesting more than one organisation trying to find a way to make blood even more addictive, so that when a vampire drinks it they require more of that one source of blood. Control the source, and you control the vampire.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Perhaps the FBI could look into ways of putting sedatives or truth-serums into blood? – SB

As to the actual supernatural staff they have at EC, they have some interesting histories. The majority of the guards, and other menial supernatural workers, all have falsified backgrounds. Yet they all happen to bear striking visual similarities to people who’ve been sentenced to death around the world. It is my belief the EC is finding people on death row, and turning them into vampires. Either by faking the execution, or using it as part of the process. None of their more high profile supernatural staff have come from this source though. These are the ones I’ve found so far:

So his main suspicion is based on vague physical similarities? My postman looks like Santa Claus, should I be upset he isn’t bringing me presents? – SB

Christian Johns: Former actor, failed politician, now a vampiric PR rep for a corporation. As unlikely as it seems, that is exactly who he is now. Little known fact about Christian is his first acting gig was playing a vampire on TV. That show was cancelled after just a few episodes though. Luckily he was able to go onto a long and successful film career. When he tried to make the jump to politics he found himself caught out by the Frank Tepisko switch 10 years ago. He disappeared shortly after and has now shown up in charge of PR and recruitment for Elysium Corporation.

Dr. Lars Roberts: Dr Roberts is a psychologist with an expertise in multiple personality disorder. Seems an unlikely person to be working for EC. That is until I did some research and discovered the last paper he published publicly was a new technique for treating the most violent of criminals and turning them into functional and LOYAL members of society. Strangely every copy of this paper has been deleted and there is very little record of it even being written.

The paper “disappeared” because it was thoroughly debunked. The guy is a hack and an embaressment to real psychologists. There’s even a rumour his expertise in treating multiple-personalities came from experimenting on himself. – SB

Amy Jones: A nurse from London, Amy trained as a teacher, and it seems EC has recruited her as the friendly face of their psychological program, where she works as an assistant to Dr Roberts.

Duncan Kama: A corporate head-hunter known for being able to use bribery and extortion to get any corporation any employee they wanted. Since joining EC and being turned into a vampire he has added physical intimation to his toolset, though his job remains similar. Lately he has been going by the nickname The Duke.

Robin: I believe “Robin” is non other than the hacker Robinh00d, who made national news in England when she was caught hacking into Scotland Yard’s computers to remove her father’s criminal record. She disappeared shortly afterwards, but I have found her now as a vampire, working for EC’s IT department. I suspect the IT department is actually a front for organised hacking and that is why EC recruited her.

As for who is in charge? I don’t know. Elysium Corporation existed before any of these people were vampires so who turned them? Is there some other supernatural creature pulling the strings? As usual, I will continue to investigate.

Well random people have been getting turned into vampires all round the world, and because a corporation hires a bunch of the useful talented ones Ethan calls it a conspiracy. There’s so many more obvious mundane explanations. Actually, how did he miss that Amy Jones is the mother of Jasmine Jones, the hacker who used the alias Robinh00d? That made the news I’m sure. Maybe one or the other is being held there as insurance to guarantee the others involvement. And what about the rest of their family. You think Ethan would’ve… hang on, he’s got me doing it now. I’ve been reading too much of his ravings, I’m going to go read the FBI regulations a few times to clear my brain. – SB

Ethan Harper

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