Eric Underwood

Current CFC Mage Champion


A face and body like a street thug, Eric wins no prizes for his looks. A strong man standing just over six foot tall and weighing in about around 220 pounds, he is certainly no lightweight.

Face model – Vinnie Jones


Current: He looks the part. He’s dangerous to know and violent to be around. He’s been a mage for as long as supernaturals have been around. He was only young when the change hit him, and for an already angry teen, inventive with ways to get into trouble, the gift of magic was an absolute blessing.

It didn’t put him on the straight and narrow, make him a better person, focus his energies into something more constructive, oh no. He grew nastier, got more creative with his incidents and finally found a home in the Cage Fighting Championship.

His magic tends to focus on making himself faster, stronger, more agile, but he can perform more obvious magics as well like magical variations of physical armour and weapons as required. He has only just become the new Champion, victorious in a long bout with the previous Champion, a mage who favoured defense first and had survived a number of years worth of bouts that way.

Eric Underwood

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