Detective Logan Grimm

Consultant for the FBI Supernatural Team


A short man about five foot eight inches tall. He is slim and athletic looking. He was previously part of the drug investigations team and requested a transfer to the Supernatural Team for unknown reasons.

Face Model: Tobey Maguire


Once part of the FBI, his focus has always been on weird happenings. He was a natural fit for the supernatural division when it was finally made its own team. While it has never been proved that Logan has any supernatural abilities, he does have a habit of being in the right place at the right time and seems to have amassed a wealth of knowledge on almost everything. The disconcerting issue is where the knowledge is garnered from.

His career has taken a turn, but not really for the worst. He left the FBI to pursue supernatural cases at a more local level. He quickly rose through the policing ranks due to his exceptional casing skills, and is currently one of the top detectives in the local precinct.

His contacts within the FBI and his continuing focus on the supernatural has earnt him a contracting role with his old team.

Current: Detective Grimm has now retired, but occasionally consults for the Supernatural Division.

Detective Logan Grimm

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