Corban Surtees

Master of Elysium for The Kingdom


One of three siblings (Corban, the oldest, Connor the middle and Chelsea the youngest) who are joined not only by family, but undeath. There is an unnatural closeness between the three, as though they know what the others are thinking and feeling at all times. They are rarely out of each others sight, and typically, if one is there, the other two are as well.

Filling three of the vital roles within The Kingdom, they are ruthless, cold and efficient. All have slightly different skills, and the roles where offered by the Prince to divide between them as they saw fit.

Actually the oldest, he looks the youngest. The first to take to study and books, his looks still gather him attention when he walks into a room. He grew into a gracious man, and commanded conversations and people with ease. He is one of only two people that can read Connor and his moods, and one of only three that can calm him down, or stop him if need be.

Loyal and devoted to his younger siblings in an almost parental way, he continues to look after both Connor and Chelsea, and maintains that one day, he’ll actually get his younger brother to read something.

Those that pay close attention to him though will note that he is always in control, but underneath the surface is something simmering. So far, nobody has seen what that is.

Face model – James Franco


Current: The Surtees siblings power has swelled with the vast increase in vampires seeking haven in Sanctuary. They are still all but inseparable, and this affects both their political and physical power as there is always the three involved in each situation.

His role has grown substantially with the increase in numbers in Sanctuary. His head for organisation is well renown, but occasionally he loses his cool. That “something” simmering beneath the calm exterior has erupted only once, but there was only a messy, bloody corpse left at the end of it.

Corban Surtees

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