Cooper du Toit

CIO of Xenith Corporation


Fairly ordinary looking, a shade under six foot and very average build, most people would assume that Cooper is a very ordinary man. And he probably would be if not for Alistair Waugh. Waugh recognised Coopers genius in computing and elevated a reasonably ordinary man to heights he never dreamt about.

Cooper remains uncomfortable with people, but lives for his systems. Xenith has some of the most amazing technology the planet has ever seen, and Cooper gets to play with it every day. Some is incorporated into the security of Xenith, some is tossed aside and others never see the light of day again.

Face model – Bill Hader


Current: The advantage of hiring vampires is that they don’t tend to get old. Cooper has retained his social inadequacies, but remains one of the most wanted men in technology. For this reason, Nicholas Blewett had him turned into a vampire. Nicholas didn’t do it himself of course…that’s below him, but Cooper was a valuable asset and needed to be retained.

He has recently gone missing and has been gone for over two months.

Cooper du Toit

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