Connor Surtees

Hound of The Kingdom


One of three siblings (Corban, the oldest, Connor the middle and Chelsea the youngest) who are joined not only by family, but undeath. There is an unnatural closeness between the three, as though they know what the others are thinking and feeling at all times. They are rarely out of each others sight, and typically, if one is there, the other two are as well.

Filling three of the vital roles within The Kingdom, they are ruthless, cold and efficient. All have slightly different skills, and the roles where offered by the Prince to divide between them as they saw fit.

If any of the siblings can be said to be outgoing, it is Connor. Fanatically loyal to his brother and sister, he sees himself as their self styled protector (even if they do not need it anymore). Capable of a smile and bullet to the skull, he is the hardest to read, but also the most volatile.

Face model – Peter Sarsgaard


Current: The Surtees siblings power has swelled with the vast increase in vampires seeking haven in Sanctuary. They are still all but inseparable, and this affects both their political and physical power as there is always the three involved in each situation.

The increase in numbers has been something of a blessing and a bane for Connor. With more vampires comes more rules being broken, with more rules being broken, more calls on his special skills are made. His time is becoming more and more precious and he is seeing less of his siblings than he would like.

The positive for him is these same calls allow him to unleash his inner beast. he is only needed when other avenues have not worked, so there are plenty of vampires who have met the final death at the hands of Connor.

Connor Surtees

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